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Oh my! Surely that isn't Matthew Grey Gubler hiding behind a book?

I have no idea how he made his way onto my livejournal. Honest!

In other news, I'm tentativly contemplating doing Caspe-Wri-Mo again this year, but can't quite decide whether this will be a brilliant way to kick-start me back into writing or a complete suicide mission that'll have me swearing off fic for all eternity. Hrmmm.

(for those of you not in the know, Caspe-Wri-Mo is where I attempt to write a piece of fiction every day for the month of November. The idea being that doing so is somewhat less strenuous that attempting Na-No-Wri-Mo. HA! It's also where I usually attempt to convince as many members of my flist to join me in doing their own "[insert username]-Wri-Mo".)

So... I don't suppose I can convince anyone else to join me in this suicide mission endeavour? It'll be fun! ;D

On the offchance that I decide to go ahead with this myself I'll be looking for a shitload of prompts because as of late my brain has been made of fail when it comes to stringing so much as a sentence together so, yeah, prompt me!

Fandoms can be found [ here ], though my main one is Supernatural with Criminal Minds being my new shiny!

Crossovers are allowed. I'm looking for a Fandom, a Character/Pairing and some kind of prompt. I don't care what medium you use for prompting me, at this point I'll take anything that's going! XD
In other, other news: Is anyone on my flist doing CM: London? I'll be in London from Wednesday 24th (going to see KANE live OMGEEE!), but wasn't sure if it was worth hanging around for a couple more days if The Tribe/my girlies are planning to attend the con that weekend. I would like to catch a show maybe on the Thursday/Friday, (though I could possibly stay until the Saturday) or even check out the very awesome zoo that zeitheist keeps talking about, but these things are no fun without company so... anyone?

Tags: [♥] matthew grey gubler, challenge: caspe-wri-mo, event: kane

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