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So, you know how I promised ya'll that you'd soon be spammed with long neglected updates? Well, consider this spam post the first. Technically this one is just a quick post to link you to my scrapbooks for my trip to Rome back in April and my attendance at Asylum 4 back in May, but I've included links to both my Vancouver/Vancon and Roadhouse scrapbooks too since I've just finished uploading everything to them. Reports for the latter two are still to follow, promise! ;D

Rome, April 2010Rome Trip, April 2010: spent with the awesome indiefairy and zeitheist ! As I stated in a later edt to my initial post-Rome report (here) I'm probably never going to get around to finishing a proper write-up of the whole experience (WOE!), but I have annotated as many of the pictures as I could with little comments and what-not, so anyone still inclined to hear me warble on about the whole trip, please feel free to take a wee nosey through them and let me know if you have any questions/etc, I'm always happy to talk about the trip :D

Asylum 4Asylum 4: spent with zeitheist and timecake. Here's another thing I've been meaning to do a write up about but never quite found the time! (story of my life, huh?) In all actuallity I believe I was putting this report off because my Jim Beaver photoshoot had to be posted out to me after the event and by the time it actually arrived I was... well, kind of over the whole "omg-excited-must-gush-like-mad" phase ;D. That said, I simply must say that Asylum 4 was like chalk to cheese in comparison with Asylum 3. I cannot thank Rogue enough for actually listening to us after the disaster that was A3 and bothering their arses to give us fans a con we could attend without needing to seek medical attention for afterwards! XD Again, I've added little stories to the pictures I've put up. I am waiting for some general pictures which were taken on timecake's camera, so I'll let ya'll know if they ever go up!

Vancouver & VanCon, August 2010Vancouver & VanCon: spent with timecake. Oh my word guys! A proper report is optimistically on the horizon for both my trip to Vancouver itself as well as the convention I attended there, but as I've added all my pictures to my scrapbook and have been spending most of my free time creating a photo-album of the trip I thought I'd share the link with ya'll just now! But yeah, a write-up will occur just as soon as I can get to it ;D There are wee comments/etc attached to all my pictures though for those who just can't wait (I know, I know, you're all just dying to see me whoring myself out to my Supernatural boys my holiday snaps! ;D

RoadhouseRoadhouse: and last but not least, Roadhouse! Taking place the weekend after I returned from Vancouver, of course. ::collapse:: Spent with indiefairy, zeitheist and timecake , this ridiculously tiny convention was a shit-load of fun and even more relaxed than VanCon was (more on con-differences later!) which was exactly what I needed to help with my jetlag from Vancouver XD Con pictures are up with comments, proper report to follow!

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