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{shot through the heart }

...why yes, this is still the man I've left you all for! ;D
asdfghjk, just look at him though, isn't he the most adorable thing like ever!? ::gush::
I'm talking about the man, not the dog. Just FYI.

♥    ♥

In less sexy but worthwhile news: I MISS YOU GUYS! D: ::tackleglomps you all::

I'd like to blame Matthew Grey Gubler (okay, it's still sexy news, but gosh it's so hard to drag myself away from The Gube loving! ...not that you guys aren't all sexy. of course. ahem.) and his shenanigans on Criminal Minds which have pretty much kept my attention for nigh on two months now. I'm like crazy-addicted to this show/man and I can only apologise for my absence.

As penance I have decided that I shall share my new boytoy with you all and make it my personal mission to get as many members of my flist just as crazy-addicted to this man/show as I am :D :D :D To those of you shaking your heads and swearing resistance? IT IS FUTILE! I wear the fez of temptation for a reason you know. Your best solution is to just give in now and save yourself the hassle! ::pointed looks to carouselcity , erin_giles  and indiefairy ::

So... who's first? ;D
Tags: [§] sex on legs, [♥] matthew grey gubler, actor: matthew grey gubler, tv series: criminal minds

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