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There's only about a week left before sign-ups for the Dean/Castiel Big & Mini bangs end, so if you've been wibbling over whether or not to sing up, may I suggest that you just go ahead and do it? heh. Remember if the thought of doing 20,000words for the bigbang terrifies the shit out of you, there's always the itty-bitty minibang which is only 10,000words. Go on, you know you want to! ;D

Relating to this challenge, how many of my flisters have signed up already? Which one are you doing? How's it going? What are you writing? Details, people!

I've not really added much to my story since I signed up for the challenge, but I have been plotting it out some more and I'm keeping faith I'll get it done (fingers crossed, I'm going to attempt to finish it before it's actually due XD). I'm also going to try and write a chunk every week, so you'll all have the pleasure of seeing these cutesy wee word meters every time I add a word or two week or so ;)

7000 / 20000 words. 35% done!
Tags: challenge: deancasbigbang, on writing: challenges

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