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[Notes] Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising


.Please note that the following WILL contain spoilers for the actual story, thank you.

Bad Moon Rising was conceived simply as a way to get some of my favourite characters together in the same verse. I'm a big fan of crossovers and putting my boys from Supernatural with my boys from Harry Potter seemed like a pretty ace idea at the time. Initially I'd intended only to have the werewolf bite be a "scare" tactic with Dean not actually being infected, but still wounded enough that he'd need to be cared for by Messrs Snape and Lupin. This is turn would put all four men in a position where, though initially they would all distrust and be suspicious of one another, they would have to come together in pursuit of a common goal: the hunt for the werewolf terrorising the locals of Fort Ransom.

As the writing of the story progressed however, the idea of Dean actually being infected by the werewolf seeped its way into my mind until I couldn't help by give into the lure and the angst potential it promised. After the will-he-won't-he was decided, it seemed only natural to divert from the "larger" story (the hunt for the werewolf) and focus more on how the infection and subsequent transformations would affect Dean both in his human and lupine forms. The story swiftly became less about the hunt and more about Dean: how he feels, what he thinks, how he is treated (specifically by his father), how he can be helped, how he can help himself, etc. 

I'm very pleased with the story as it stands. There is of course a whole load more I'd have liked to have done with it, in particular I'd have liked to look into the backstory for Remus and Severus a bit more: how did they survive the war? why are they living in North Dakota? why are they living together at all? And so on and so forth. As this story is set firmly in the SPN-verse, and seeing as Dean and John are never in a position to really ask about their lives, I never really had a chance to go into the specifics. That said, I do have their entire backstory plotted out in my head and I do hope to be able to explore it at a later date!

Another point to mention is the timeline for this story. In my mind it's set pre-Supernatural, with Sam aged between 18/19 and having recently left his family for Stanford. Dean is around 22years old. It's also set post-Harry Potter, specifically five years after the end of the war. I'd originally worked out why it would be five years, but I appear to have lost my notes so ya'll will just have to nod and make approving sounds as if it makes total sense.

I hope that everyone reading the story will enjoy it as much as I did writing it, and please, if you have any questions/etc for me, don't hesitate to ask. I'm more than happy to chat about this verse :)

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