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[SPN] Surprises [Bobby/Crowley] & Apologies [Dean/Castiel] & all he's ever wanted [Gabriel/Sam]

It may look like I'm being super productive in the writing department right now, but it's all lies really XD heh.

[Surprises | Bobby/Crowley | U-Rated | 300words | Spoilers: 5.21 | For krystalicekitsu's comment_fic prompt: 'So why did you use tongue?' ]

"So, why did you use tongue?" Crowley asked, cornering Bobby some time later with a smirk fully intended to make Bobby squirm in his chair.

Bobby raised one clearly unimpressed eyebrow at the question, trying to ignore the flush of heat he could feel rising in his cheeks as he remembered making his deal with Crowley.

“Maybe I was trying to spook ya,” He answered with a scowl, trying to wheel himself around the demon.

Crowley tutted him, stepping into the path of his wheelchair, and effectively blocking his escape. “Really, Bobby, trying to spook me? Me?”

He let loose a light chuckle before leaning down and placing his hands on the armrests of Bobby's chair. Bobby, for his part, could only lean back, unprepared for Crowley’s sudden proximity.

“I've been around a long time, Bobby,” Crowley said, smiling as he leant even further in, his breath hot as it ghosted across the corner of Bobby's mouth, “nothing really spooks me anymore. Certainly not a little kiss like that.”

“Yeah?” Bobby asked, the word almost a cough against his suddenly dry throat.

“Oh, yes,” Crowley said, grinning.

Bobby turned his head a little, his eyes narrowing as they met Crowley's. “How about surprises?”

“Surprises? I do love a good surprise,” he agreed, before shaking his head with a more exaggerated tutting sound, “but, again, there's not a lot out there left to surprise me.”

“Yeah?” Bobby pressed, watching as Crowley's mouth opened to reply. He pressed suddenly forward then, his mouth smacking against Crowley's in an instantly tongue-filled kiss whilst his hands fisted into the lapels of Crowley's jacket, jerking him closer still.

Bobby pulled away some minutes later, smirking to himself at the wide-eyed and faintly dazed look Crowley gave him.

“How about now?” Bobby asked, licking his lips.




[Apologies | Dean/Castiel | U-Rated | 300words | Spoilers: 5.21 | for sycophantastic's comment_fic prompt: I owe you an apology too']

“I owe you an apology too.” Dean said the instant Castiel picked up the phone. He heard only silence on the other end and frowned, stomach churning as he wondered for one dreaded minute if he’d dialled the wrong number.

“Cas? You there, man?” He called, holding the phone pressed between shoulder and ear as he wiped suddenly sweaty palms against his jeans.

“I'm here,” Castiel's reply came, his voice low. Dean closed his eyes, tipping his head back in a little prayer of thanks.

“I'm sorry, Cas.” He blurted. “For everything. For not being what you expected me to be, what you wanted me to be. For getting you into this mess in the first place and… just… I'm sorry. I thought you should know that.”

There came only silence after he finished. A silence which stretched on and on. Dean swallowed heavily, wetting his lips and wondering whether he should prompt the angel for a reply or hang up and pretend like he hadn't spent the last couple hours swithering over whether to call Castiel or not.

“You are everything I wanted, Dean.” Castiel said after a long moment, his words slow and deliberate. Dean breathed a sigh of relief, his heart giving a little lurch at the reply.

“You're never what I expect you to be,” he continued, his tone almost teasing and Dean found himself biting back a smile.

“But you are worth this mess we’re in, Dean.” Castiel said after a heartbeat and Dean closed his eyes, breathing his relief down the handset.

“Listen,” he said after a while of simply listening to Castiel breathe down the phone. “I’ve got to go now, but I’ll come get you right after this hunt, okay?”

“I would appreciate that, thank you.”

Dean smiled softly and hung up.



[all he’s ever wanted | Gabriel/Sam | U-Rated | 261words | for wolfish_willow’s Five Acts Meme, prompt: Conditioning/Training]

He can see it in Dean's eyes whenever Gabriel is around, the questions, the suspicions, the want to know exactly why the archangel has all of a sudden decided to pick a side in the apocalypse, the need to know why he’s chosen their side over both his brothers. He never asks though, so Sam doesn't tell.

He doesn't tell because he doesn't trust his brother not to misunderstand the situation, not after everything else he's done (wrong) in his life so far. He doesn't trust Dean to give him the chance he needs to explain, to tell him how safe and content and in control he feels by giving up his control to Gabriel.

Gabriel who holds him, and pets him, and tells him how good he is, how obedient, how proud he is of him. It pleases him to please Gabriel. He yearns with every fibre of his being to please Gabriel; to see him smile, to feel the stroke of his palm along the bareness of his back, to feel the kiss of his lips to the crown of his head as he runs his fingers through his hair.

He does whatever Gabriel asks of him and in return he is accepted, he is loved, he is forgiven of his trespasses. It’s all he’s ever truly wanted after all.

“And what do you say, Sam?” Gabriel asks, smiling against his ear as he runs his fingers up and down his sides in a slow tickle.

“Yes,” Sam says, his body trembling almost uncontrollably.

It’s all he’s ever wanted.



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