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§ You'll never guess who just booked their flight/accomadation for Vancouver! ME! XD ::gleeful:: It took some juggling of finances, but thankfully I've been saving up since I first decided to go away back last year so I can still afford to eat something this month, YAY!

§ In other exciting news, (okay not as exciting, but still relatively so) I'm almost done with my sncross_bigbang  and was wondering if any of you guys would be up to beta-ing it for me?

.Title: Bad Moon Rising
Crossover: Supernatural/Harry Potter
Type: Gen
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Dean Winchester, John Winchester, Remus Lupin, Severus Snape
Summary: John and Dean are on the hunt for a werewolf terrorizing the locals of an out of the way town in North Dakota. But when the hunt goes wrong and Dean ends up injured, they find themselves under the care of Messrs Lupin and Snape; two men who, in John’s opinion, seem to know more than they should about the goings on in town.
Word Count: 15,000words atm.

I basically just need a spelling/grammar check. It's not too plot heavy. And it's okay if you don't know/care about Harry Potter as the crossover is pretty light on that front ;D ...any takers?

§ In other, other news, CASPE'S BOOT SALE! During my epic room tidying the other day (of which my allergies have still not recovered O_o...) I have a shit load of things I'm selling off in order to be able to buy shit loads of more other things XD so if you're interested in relatively cheap books/audios/dvds please check out [ this tag here ] and have at it. Remember I'm totally up for haggling and swaps so feel free to be cheeky and ask! Think of this lot as the "first batch", if I get my arse in gear I'll be adding tons more, heh.


Tags: event: vancon 2010, on writing: beta request

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