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Okay, I know I promised ya'll a Rome post come yesterday (Sunday) but I kind of forgot that it was my mother's birthday on the Saturday and thus Sunday meant having the family around for a braii that pretty much lasted until bedtime, hee. Thankfully as it was such a gorgeously sunny day yesterday I didn't really begrudge having to hang out with the family all day!

I'm also unable to get any "ZOMG ROME!!!!" posts done this week as a) I have deadlines for work that need to be done come Wednesday (whoopsy) and b) OMG THERE'S ONLY 18DAYS TILL spn_j2_bigbang ENTRIES ARE DUE AND I'M KIND OF FREAKING OUT BECAUSE I HAVE A GRAND TOTAL OF ZILCH (in the grand scheme of things) AND JUST OMG WHY SO CLOSE DEADLINE, WHY!? They're expecting first drafts to be COMPLETE as well which, FAIL OMG.

Thankfully I have a long weekend coming up and it shall be spent putting up that Rome post as well as writing till my fingers bleed or my brain explodes. Probably the latter seeing as I'm sure you can still write with bleeding stumps for fingers ;D

In related news, I turned in my sncross_bigbang entry this weekend past :D aren't ya'll so proud of me?! It's not completely finished (13,000words with two, max three scenes still to be added to get it to the required 15,000min) but I've got till the end of the month to polish things off so I'm not freaking out as badly over this one. I'm going to get this weekend/artist claims over and done with before finishing it and then begging you lovely flisters for a beta ;D

So yeah... if you need me I'll be... busy! (and if I'm not please feel free to be hitting me with all manner of unpleasant objects to ensure I keep busy! heh)
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