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There will be a post up come Sunday detailing my OMG AMAZING TRIP TO ROME ASDFGHJKL but I just wanted to do a quick post to let everyone know that I got back home safe and sound around 2pm this afternoon and that I'm absolutely knackered but still finding the energy to squee excessively about how awesome my trip was whenever anyone asks ;D heh.

Between now and Sunday however I need to visit my cousins and attend their Ann Summers Party tonight (DNW D:), finish and submit my rough draft sncross_bigbang  sometime on Friday (12,000words atm ftmfw!), work the Saturday shift at work because I wasn't allowed to take it as a holiday despite the fact we'll be overstaffed (Grrr) and somehow get all my neglected NVQ stuff sorted out and sent off for Monday.

So yeah, Sunday shall be the day of rest! ...and for posting my EPIC write up about my EPIC TRIP TO ROME WHICH I WENT TO WITH indiefairy  AND zeitheist  AND HAD LOTS OF FUN! AND WHY YES, THAT IS ME HUGGING THE MOTHER F-ING COLOSSEUM FTW!


i. I've seen the latest Supernatural and OMG! TALK TO ME PEOPLE!
ii. I've seen the new Doctor Who and am loving it in all kinds of unhealthy ways!
iii. I've yet to catch up on all the Jus in Bello squee and flail, but if you've something to show me then please, uh, show me? XD
Tags: event: rome trip, mood: squee!

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