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Rome-ah Rome-ah-ah!

In a little over seven hours I'll be preparing to start the first leg of my TRIP TO ROME! :D My taxi to the airport leaves at 4.30am, my flight from Glasgow to Heathrow leaves at 6.30am and gets me in for around 8am. Then I have a joyful ten hours to kill until my flight from Heathrow to Rome. BUT WHATEVER! The main thing is that I'M GOING TO ROME GUYS AND ASDFGHJK I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED ABOUT THIS XD XD XD

As you all know I'll be going with the awesome indiefairy  and zeitheist and I cannot wait to spend the week completely geeking it out with two of my favourite girlies. I'm honestly so hyped up about this trip I've been bouncing off the walls for the best part of the week so far. I'm pretty much all packed, just got to add the usual last minute items in the morning before I head off to the airport.

Whilst there I shall endeavour to take as many photos as humanly possible to share with ya'll upon my return. Service pending I will also likely be tweeting my ass off so if you'd like to follow my rambling you can catch me @Campaspe on twitter :) The really good stuff won't happen till the Saturday seeing as tomorrow will just be random posts about traveling and hanging about airports (we get into Rome around 9pm, methinks) and whatnot.

EEEE I'M GOING TO ROME, FLIST! XD ...and though it's very unlikely to happen seeing as we decided aginst attending the Jus in Bello convention afterall, I have everything crossed I will get to see Misha Collins in a toga at some point during my trip! lmao. Make it happen, people! ;D
In other news, I made some headway with my sncross_bigbang  last night, bumping my wordcount up to around 7000words. I figure I've between four and five scenes still to write which is worrying me now because I don't think I'm going to be able to meet the 15,000word requirement before the story is finished. However, I shall spend most of tomorrow with nothing better to do than write whilst I wait for my girlies to meet me at Heathrow so who knows, anything could happen! The deadline is April 9th, the day after I get home so fingers crossed I can get a good majority done before then! I need to have it finished by the deadline date as I plan to spend the rest of April finishing my spn_j2_bigbang  which is due for May XD

Right now though, bedtime! (ugh, at 9pm!?) Everyone, have a wonderful week without me and I shall spam ya'll like crazy upon my return!
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