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Okay, I know I swore blind that I'd never ever in a million years attend another Rogue Events convention(*) but umm... I JUST COULDN'T RESIST, OKAY!? IT'S NOT MY FAULT D: ...actually it's all zeitheist's fault if I'm honest, as she's the one who twisted my arm and got me signing up not only for Asylum4 but Asylum5 too. I HAVE NO SELF-CONTROL ASDFGHJKL!... or shame apparently XD but that's okay, I know what to expect this time around and therefore cannot be disappointed by any shittiness on Rogue Events behalf. BESIDES, IT WILL BE FUN, OKAY? IT WILL BE GEEKY AND GIRLY AND FUN, DAMNIT!
In other news, writing! I've managed to find some me time this week and have been spending it writing as much as possible. The BigBangs are progressing slowly (sncross_bigbang is at around 2740words whilst the spn_j2_bigbang is at around 5780words), perhaps more slowly than they should be but progressing nonetheless. I maintain that I will get these both finished by their deadlines though! My help_haiti fic is in the works (sorry indiefairy ! it'll be soon, promise!) I know I was aiming for the end of Feb but that goal has been moved to this weekend!

On top of these I agreed to do a pinch-hit for the Secret Angels III fest which brings me to a little plea I have for a beta! :D It's Dean/Castiel, R/18-Rated and roughly 2000words long. I'm still putting the finishing touches to it, but I expect it to be done come tomorrow evening/Friday at the latest. There's no rush on getting this one back to me though as I have until Monday before I even need to think about handing it in! Takers?

Tags: event: asylum 4, event: asylum 5, on writing: beta request, on writing: challenges

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