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Hey flist,

Anyone up for beta-ing a Dean/Castiel fic for me? As it's for a "secret" fic exchange so all I can say about it is that it's meant to be "humorous" (ha!) and there will be sexing (R/18-Rated) by the time I'm finished with it, which should be within the next couple of hours. It's also roughly 3000words right now but I suspect I'll have at least 4000words by the time it's finished.

I totally forgot the deadline was for today (or rather midnight tonight, but ignore that fact as I'll be able to get an extention to make sure it's beta'd) so volunteers would be greatly appreciated as would a rough idea of how long you think it'd take you to beta. No rush, of course, but I'd need to know so I can let the mods know when to expect my submission. 

If you reply, please also leave me your email address so I can contact you asap (comments are screened).

thanks so much in advance! :D

edt.: my flist is an awesome, flist! thank you to indiefairy  and zeitheist  for volunteering <33
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