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The Edinburgh trip was pretty good all things considered (namely the fact we don't tend to spend large amounts of time with each other due to the fact we have almost nothing in common and so tend to run out of things to talk about when we're together for more than a couple hours at a time!). We did copious amounts of shopping on the day we arrived, like ridiculous amounts, this girl has the ability to make me use my credit card like it's going out of fashion and so I am on a self-imposed credit card ban for the forseeable future XD no seriously guys, if you hear me talking about booking something you have to come at me with sharp objects or something! But I did get some lovely things thanks to her devil-on-the-shoulder-suggestions, namely a new jacket and satchel for my trip to Rome, and a pair of boots I've been dying to get my hands on since last year (no one would bite and by me them for my Christmas/birthday so I was reduced to spending daft amounts on them all by myself, alas!) so at least my credit card was abused for a good cause ;D haha.

We spent the day shopping around Edinburgh before heading to Walkabout for dinner (I was expecting better from this place than what we got, but c'est la vie!) and then it was off to the Edinburgh Playhouse for "The Russian State Ballet of Siberia in Sleeping Beauty". We were very excited about getting to see our first ballet, and discovered upon entering that we actually had front-center seats (asdfghjkl how we managed this I've no idea!) which made the whole thing even more exciting.

The first half of the ballet was everything we expected it to be, it was amazing seeing them dance and making everything look so flawless and easy even (though because we were so close you could also see the strain it took to hold most of the poses they performed) We got a little bit confused towards the end of the first half as, somewhat naively, we'd expected it to be like the Disney version and were left wondering why Aurora wasn't growing up with the fairies ;D thankfully some spart thinking and a programe later we were up to spead with the "plot" and settled in to wait for the second half. A second half which, sadly, disappointed the hell out of us. I don't know why but by the time the ballet finished we were for all intents and purposes bored out of our skulls D: which made for a pretty sour ending to the whole experience.

We consoled ourselves with the fact that we'd at least seen a ballet now and that we appreciated the skill and beauty of the first half if nothing else. Afterwards, instead of hitting the town like we planned, we played like little old ladies and headed back to the hotel for an early night XD because we are just that awesome.

(We did come up with a theory on how they pick the lead males btw, and in case you're wondering, it all has to do with the size of the bulge they're sporting. No seriously. And I just want to say that these things are really goddamned distracting! O_O my poor eyes.)

Our second day was spent milling around the old town, taking in all those touristy sites as you do, and then heading for a pub lunch before setting out to the train station and home. So that was that! Not a bad trip, but not the most exciting one I've been on in my life. Still, it was nice to get away for a while and it's also comforting to know we weren't quite at the stage where we were ready to kill each other by the time we got home ;D (only a couple hours after getting home we ended up curling up together in her bed watching Supernatural! heh) So, good times!
The rest of my time off has been spent jiggling my finances so I'm not living like a pauper for the rest of the month, booking my flights from Glasgow to London for Rome and sorting out some details for that, seeing Legion finally (ASDFGHJKL SO GOOD OMG! more on this later!), and having to cancel my plans to go see Rocky Horror with Stacey tonight because I've had to deal with some family drama which makes me all D: but which cannot be helped and I don't really want to talk about it, or even really think about it, and so I've been ignoring it as best I can by attempting to do some writing, hoo-rah! I'm failing at both these, in case you were wondering!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend thus far! :)

Tags: event: trip: edinburgh, theatre: ballet: the sleeping beauty

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