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Rome-ah, Rome-ah-ah!

hey, how are you, flist? I kind of miss you!
♥ ♥ ♥

Sorry I haven't been around much this month (again!), but it's been a shitty month to be honest with sickness and work and all that kind of jazz. However, things are beginning to pick up, I suspect because this month is thankfully coming to an end, so I'm feeling more than little happy about life, the universe and everything. Actually, "happy" is a bit of an understatement, I'm feeling pretty damn fantastic right now, and here's the big reason as to why:

§ Rome, 2-7th April: Last night indiefairy , zeitheist  and myself finally got around to booking our trip to Rome and OMG I HAVEN'T STOPPED GRINNING AND SQUEEING AND DOING THE JAZZ HANDS SINCE I HIT THE CONFIRM BUTTON! ASDFGHJKL. OMG, flist! this is like a dream come true in so many ways. Not only am I going to be spending near enough a week with two of my favourite girls, but I'll be spending it in Rome! Rome! A place I've dreamed of visiting since studying it way back in day at school. EEE XD Initially the trip came about through a desire to attend Jus in Bello, but we've since scrapped the idea of attending that con (photo op prices, wtf?!) and agreed that we'd all have far more fun just geeking out and doing the tourist thing. I LOVE MY LIFE RIGHT NOW, GUYS, I AM BEYOND EXCITED, ASDFGHJKL!!!!
In other news,

§ Edinburgh Trip, 3-4th March: before Rome happens, I have a little, relatively exciting, trip planned with my sister. We're doing an overnight in Edinburgh next week, with our main intention being to go and see The Russian State Ballet of Siberia in Sleeping Beauty! Exciting, yes? We think so, especially as we've never seen a ballet up close and in reallife before ;D The rest our two days shall be spent doing obscene amounts of shopping and pub-crawling, I'm sure!

§ Vancon/Vancouver Trip, 23-30th August: as timecake  so joyfully reminded me, THERE ARE LESS THAN SIX MONTHS TILL WE'RE IN VANCOUVER FOR VANCON ASDFGHJKL!!! Not only will be we in Vancouver meeting our boys, but season six has been confirmed and we're pretty damn sure that there's going to be filming going on whilst we're over there and OMG WE MAY ACTUALLY GET TO SEE SOME EEEEEEE!!! I may die of excitement if this actually happened XD omgee.

§ Conventions, general: Even though I think it'd be pushing things (especially with my credit card XD) I really wish I were doing more cons this year. Or just more things. I think last year I was doing something almost every month with at least a couple of my girlies and this year I have almost nothing planned D: The things I am doing are big things right enough, but, well... when you're used to going off and having fun every month it kind of gets you down a bit, you know? I may even be contemplating attending a convention I swore I never would never attend again. Hrrrmmmmm... But whatever. Ignore me, this is probably just the "February" in me talking ;D it's just such a horrid month!

§ On Writing: well, it's been a bum effort this month, but things appear to be picking up again (thank god!) and I fully expect to have both my Secret Angels III fic as well as indiefairy's help_haiti  fic completed/posted come the end of next week. The big bangs are progressing less swiftly but at least they're progressing at all! lol. I definitely have nowhere near the word counts I expected to have for either of them this month but fingers crossed I can make up for this come March.  

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