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§ Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes, pic spams, and v-gifts on the 14th! Despite the fear, I had a wonderful birthday, which was spending doing lunch and then seeing Avatar 3D for the second time. My birthday was further extended over the course of this weekend with dinner and seeing Sherlock Holmes last night and then getting to lunch and hang out with some of my girlies in Glasgow today <33 all in all, turning 23 wasn't actually all that bad ;D

§ Renegade Angels III: Now that I'll be back to having no social life, I appear to have signed myself up to writing two new pieces of fiction despite my three BigBangs. Ahem. The first of which is the deancastiel  [ Renegade Angels III challenge ], which I loved doing last year (my moaning over it nonwithstanding XD), any Dean/Castiel shippers on my flist should consider signing up to this one too. It's fun, I promise!

§ Helping Haiti: The second piece of writing I've signed myself up for doing is for a really good cause and so I'm not counting this as part of my having going mad. I've put up an offer on help_haiti  to write one piece of fanfiction of at least 1000words in either the Supernatural or Torchwood fandoms. My post is up [ here ] and I've started the bidding at £5 for anyone interested.

Furthermore, I have a challenge for you all, specifically for those of you who perhaps aren't sure about offering something or perhaps can't afford to bid on anything. LiveJournal has created a [ charitable v-gift (priced at $2.99) ] to "help raise funds for emergency relief efforts in Haiti. We'll donate 100 percent of the money we raise to UNICEF and CARE."

My challenge to you, my flist (for the first 5people only, just incase you all love this idea way too much! XD), is to write me 500words min of either Torchwood or Supernatural fanfiction. If you want a prompt/pairing leave a comment and I will supply you with one. Once you have written and posted me this piece of fiction I will send you one of the charitable v-gifts as a thank you. Hence, in effect, we'll both be doing something for one of the charities helping Haiti :) how does that sound?

edt. 18/Jan, 6pm: there are 4 v-gifts remaining :)
edt. 19/Jan, 6pm: there are 3 v-gifts remaining :)
Tags: challenge: deancastiel: sa iii, challenge: help haiti, real life: happy birthday to me

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