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§ Super Sekrit Project: If I asked you to give me a song that you think totally fits the epic love fest (requited or not) between Dean and Castiel, what would that song be? why would you pick that song? and can you upload that song for me? ;D ...this is for a super sekrit project I'm doing guys, so please play along! I may be coherced into doing all manner of sexual favours in return for your help. plzkthnx!

§ dc_fireplace : I've got the entire thing planned. I just need to get my arse in gear and write what I'm going to write now. It's looking like it's either going to be flufftastic (only, please god no D: because I may actually throw up if it keeps being this damn cutesy) or a complete angstfest (expect that'd be too sad and the idea of this fest isn't really the place for my kind of emo S:). Ideally I'd love something a little bit inbetween these two extremes but I'll let ya'll know how that turns out! ...any chance I can sign someone up to beta this one for me? I'll likely be sending it to you by this coming weekend and will need it back by Monday 11th (early Tuesday 12th at the very latest!). Any takers? It's not likely to be too long. We're talking a couple thousand words if that.

§ apocabigbang : I may have to drop out of this one before long, methinks. I have something that vaguely resembles a plot, but said plot is going absolutely nowhere and I'm despairing over the whole thing now. I think my problem with this one is that atm it's looking to be depressingly Torchwood centric, and what I want is for it to be this epic crossover with Ianto & Castiel teaming up and fighting evil and... I just can't seem to get it there. I'm either going to have to scrap the current idea and come up with a whole new one or... not do it. At all. Hmmmm.

§ spn_j2_bigbang : don't look at me like that! It's only an inkling I have to sign up. It's not like I've actually already made up my mind that I'm probably definitely going to sign up, now is it? Really. Such a lack of faith you have in me! Honestly, I don't know why... Okay, fine! You win. I'm totally signing up for this one. But only because I spent all day today writing down this epic dream I had last night involving Sam, Dean and Castiel and an honest to god PLOT. It's pretty much all planned out from start to finish and all I'd have to do is write the damn thing. Isn't that exciting? What do you mean I'm deluding myself? Where's your faith people?! ;D
how's everyone else doing with their writing challenges this weather? good? bad? biting off more than you can chew? tell me all!

Tags: challenge: apocabigbang, challenge: dc_fireplace, challenge: spn_j2_bigbang, misc: a little help...?

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