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Collecto:London : Close Encounters of the Misha Kind

Collectormania: London

Close Encounters of the First Misha Kind: I CAN FEEL YOUR HALOL

Collectormania: London was always about Misha Collins. It was about getting to meet Misha (again), it was about getting to speak to Misha (a point I failed most miserably at, but more on that later), it was about getting a hug from Misha (determined Caspe is determined), but most of all it was THE PLAN (zeitheist and I) HAD FOR MISHA that was always going to be one of the highlights of the entire event no matter what! ;)

The Saturday morning of Collecto-London dawned bright and early and, with our garrison of four halo-wearing angels (_stolendreams_ and joulez217 too, we set off for the start a sure-to-be amazing weekend!

Those of us wearing the halos got a few odd looks, a couple smiles and a good number of “you’re here for Supernatural, right?” as we walked past the queue that had already formed. But with halos on and grins plastered to our faces and epic amounts of squee, we took it all in our stride because the weekend had officially begun and it was only going to get better from here on in!

The halos proved to be a big hit even though only four of us actually wore them. I got approached by Bronson Pelletier (Twilight: New Moon; who I totally didn’t recognise at the time and just thought was a random fanboy till afterwards), who stroked my halo and because mine was black whilst everyone else’s was white, asked me if I was the “naughty angel” XD to which I replied with faux innocent that no I wasn’t, I was a very good angel! He just laughed at me before wondering off. I also got a wink and a comment off of someone I was later found out was Jason Momoa (Stargate: Atlantis) as he walked by.

But by far, the best response to our halos happened to zeitheist fairly early on in the day as we were walking around the venue scoping the joint out. Some guy (*snort*) walked past the pair of us, touched Zei's halo and said “I like your halo”. I was completely oblivious to this entire encounter until zeitheist jabbed me and was all “ASDFGHJK MISHA!” to which I turned around to look at the guy who just walked past, turned back to her and then OMG JUST REALISED WTF SHE WAS ON ABOUT AND GOT WIPLASH FROM TURNING BACK ROUND SO FAST XD he turned to look back at us as we gaped after him and just grinned. ASDFGHJKL!!!

Close Encounters of the Second Misha Kind: A MISHA-APPROVED GARRISON

After that we pretty much decided to set up camp on Misha’s side of the venue XD
After joining up with indiefairy over the course of the morning, she along with zeitheist, jemzamia and myself approached Misha’s table to get our autographs. I was actually feeling all trembly and nervous because he was looking so good and was all smiley and chatty and just UNGH BE STILL MY BEATING HEART!

I was so glad my girls were in the queue with me though as whilst we were hovering all over him he just so happened to notice the fact we were all (mostly) wearing halos and made mention of the fact, to which I’m sure zeitheist replied that we we’d been aiming to have a garrison of angels at the event but that there were only four of us despite our best efforts. Misha looked somewhat thoughtful and said something along the lines of, “what counts as a garrison? How many angels do you need before you can call yourself a garrison?” to which we mostly shrugged and he smiled and said “what if there were more of you but everyone else died, would you still be a garrison then? …I think you can be a garrison.” And thus we became a Misha-approved garrison of four XD YAY!

I also met Julie McNiven who was sat at the table beside him. She was looking so pretty and I’m in love with her hair something crazy. I was going to ask her about her role as Anna and stuff but she seemed really shy and quiet and I kind of chickened out in the end and just settled for a “hi” and “thanks” as she signed for me D: fail, Caspe, fail.

Despite my inability to form words however, I was still having an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING TIME because I got to hang out with my girlies and camp out near Misha’s table and leer at him from across the room for most of the day XD haha. On top of this zeitheist and I kept getting really hyped up; mostly by squeeing “MISHA!” at one another at random intervals XD but also at the thought of the photoshoots we would be getting together that day…

Close Encounters of the Third Misha Kind: THAT ANGEL IS MINE!

It all started with a plan.

Well, actually it started with Misha Collins being announced, but I'm fairly sure that's an obvious given by now!

And that plan, concoted by my dear partner-in-crime, zeitheist, was… to tug-o-war with Misha Collins!

Oh yes, I'm sure you're all looking my way with varying expressions of distress right around now, but I swear it seemed like a good idea at the time! XD

Not that it wasn’t still a good idea when the time actually came for us to head into Misha's photoshoot and get our photos taken together with him, of course.

However, hand-in-hand with this plan came the OMG OVERWHELMING TERROR of actually having to, you know, ask the man if we could tug at his arms like he was some sort of toy. zeitheist immediately decided that I should be the one to ask him if we could do this and… I said okay. O_O. I DON'T EVEN KNOW! In hindsight I think I should have made her do it since it was her crazy idea in the first place! ;)

But, I digress, we had this PLAN and as we went in I just sort of blurted out to him that we wanted him to look "kind of smug" whilst we "play tug-o-war with you" and he just GRINNED and said OKAY and OMFG YOU GUYS! I was actually shaking. I think asking him to do this pose is the most I actually said to him in one go over the entirety of the weekend D: because for some reason every time he looked at me with those big blue eyes I just had complete brainfail and lost all ability to function.

But whatever, I'll take what I can get because during our tug-o-war pose I surreptitiously managed to slip my hand into Misha's XD MUHAHAHA, that naughtily smug look I've got going on? OH YA IT'S COZ I'M HOLDING HIS FRIGGEN HAND ASDFGHJKL!

((hee. Misha thinks Zei won in the tugging department. But that's okay because DID I MENTION I WAS HOLDING HIS HAND?!))

I have to admit, I did think I was doing my part in the tug but when we got the picture back it definitely looked as though zeitheist was going for gold in the tugging department whilst I simply stood there, grinning like a creeper and ASDFGHJ HOLDING MISHA’S HAND <33

Alas I soon had to let go of his hand as Malcolm, the beyond awesome photographer dude, went to take the second picture for us, and Misha was all like "we get other one?" and turned to me with THOSE BIG BLUE EYES (my Achilles' heel, I swear to god) and asked me what pose was next. At which point I so eloquently went "Uhhhh……" and he turned to zeitheist who was having just as much trouble trying to form words think of something because we'd sort of just planned to hold the pose for the two shots. Misha had other plans however and decided he was going to grab us both around the waists and that was that! XD No complaints from either of us, as you can tell by our terribly smug faces!

(( I simply adore Misha's "O YA, I'VE GOT IT" look he has going on in this. UNGH! ))

When we got out of that photoshoot we were WALKING ON AIR, PEOPLE! WALKING ON FRIGGEN AIR! ASDFGHJKL. MISHA!

Later on that day Zei and I also got joint photos with Julie (who is far too gorgeous, damn her!) and had a freak out moment when we got in with her and neither of us managed to actually ask her for the pose we wanted D: so we just sort of grabbed a side of her each and smiled at the camera...

((It's not normal for someone too look this pretty. and her hair! ::grabby hands:: I can has it, yspls?))

Thankfully though, before the second picture was taken, Malcolm (that super awesome photographer dude I mentioned before? ;D) paused and- probably because he recognised us halo-wearing loonies from Misha's shoot ;D- actually asked us if we's wanted to do a pose for the second picture, at which point we were all “omgpleasedoCharliesAngelswithus!?” and she was totally up for it, bless her.

((I love this picture of us all so damn much! &hearts;))

Close Encounters of the Forth Misha Kind: HUGGY BEAR!

Over the course of the rest of the weekend I got my solo pictures with Misha and Julie both. I love my Misha one for the simple fact that OMG I GOT TO HUG HIM XD this is something I’ve been dying to do since I met him for the first time at Asylum3 and somehow got convinced to take Castiel Bear into the photoshoot with me! Heh.


My Julie one, if I look a bit iffy is because I’d volunteered to crew for the Sunday morning and because my photoshoot with her was during my crewing I had to rush to her queue (which of course was at the opposite end of the hall and a level down), get my picture taken with her, and then rush back to my spot (I was ticketing for Monsteerat Lomard) all in the space of five-ish minutes. PHEW!

((Again, I heart Julie's hair far too much!))

I went up to both Misha’s and Julie’s tables again on the Sunday to get autographs for other people and still failed to form proper words other than the obligatory pleasantries D: but I shall endeavour to make up for this fact by pre-planning thing to say for the next time I get to meet them both! Haha. Because omg my fail was epic and I do not want to just *stare* at them all starstruck next time.

Thankfully, all the times I went up to their tables, Zei was with me and through her sheer awesomeness I had one of the next best moments of the weekened. It was late on the Sunday and we were preparing to leave the venue and call an end to the day when we went up to Misha’s table on last time because Zei wanted the picture of us tug-o-waring with Misha signed (Misha correctly guessed which name was which as we handed over the post-it with our names on it, a fact which made us both delightfully happy I don’t mind telling you! XD)

We were at his table, things were being said (mostly not by me D:), he signed our picture and before we left forever Zei braved it up and asked him if she could have a hug goodbye because we were leaving. Misha was all like "sure!", stood right up and leaned over the table to squish her whilst I looked on in envy because I knew would never have the guts to ask for one myself. But then, THEN, after Zei pulled away he looked expectantly at me and I sort of just fell into his arms like a creeper and whimpered this pitiful thank you into his ear (ASDFGHJK WTH SELF?!) but whatever, I don’t really care, because I GOT A PROPER SQUISHY THIS-ISN’T-POSED HUG FROM MISHA AND IT WAS ALL BECAUSE OF ZEI AND I LOVE THEM BOTH SO DAMN MUCH OMG!!!

Ahem. There was a shit-load more that happened over the course of this weekend (dodgy hotels, seeing La Cage, hanging out with my girls, the Supernatural & Torchwood talks, to name but a few) but the above is just my wee insta-squee of moments I best remember from the event (that and if I'd left this post any later writing about everything else I've omitted to include, I'd have been posting it along with my Collecto-London 2010 report! XD).
And for pimping sake:

Alternatively, check out roadhouse_con the LiveJournal!
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  • { there are no words }

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I'm sorry, I can't hear your requests to cut this over how goddamned…

  • { what am I to do }

    § The Hub3: I think it's fairly obvious that my Hub3 post is, quite frankly, never going to happen. It's been a good few weeks since and I've…

  • { hiatus }

    No doubt you'll hear from me if anything super exciting and Misha-related happens ;) otherwise I'll just be spamming twitter and seeing ya'll…