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For someone who just last week was bemoaning the fact that I only had one convention planned for next year, I've more than made up for it this week by committing myself to at least two more!

Jus in Bello; 3-5 APR;- the Italian Supernatural convention, in Rome. (with my angels indiefairy & zeitheist )

VanCon; 27-29 AUG; the Canadian Supernatural convention, in Vancouver. (with the awesome timecake )

Roadhouse; 3-5 SEPT; the UK Supernatural convention, in Birmingham. (with indiefairy , zeitheist and timecake , and... YOU?)

FUCK YEAH BBS! Three Supernatural conventions next year, and two of them outwith the UK?! Am so beyond psyched about all of these omg. I'm particualry excited over the fact I'll be jetting off to Rome, because omg I've been dying to go since highschool when I studied ancient Rome/Greece in my Latin/Classics clases. Geekery and tourism, FTW! I'm going to be so ridiculously broke next year homg.

This does mean that I definitely won't be going to The Hub4 next year though, girlies. My boss pretty much admitted today that it was unlikely I'd be getting The Hub4 weekend off work since I'll apparently be the only one working (not imressed, btw!). WOE. But I am adamant that we need to have a Cardiff meet of some description. No event, just a good ol' cheap-ass meet up where we all just get to hang out! I was thinking sometime during the summer could be good? (What's our chances of getting the sun again? haha) What say ya'll?

Tags: event: jus in bello, event: meet-up: cardiff 2010, event: roadhouse, event: vancon 2010, fandom: supernatural, mood: squee!

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