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{ white is the winter night }

Thank you so very much to everyone who's gifted me with those adorable snowflake cookies! I know they're only freebies and spreading around LJ like some kind of pretty flu but it warms me so damn much to have recieved every single one of them just the same X)

::snugs you all so tight::

As an expression of my thanks and love to all of you who've sent me one already, and to those of you who have sent me one that's not yet arrived, (LJ's just informed me I've recieved another one ::warm feelings::) you're all invited to participate in this meme-

Name me two characters from different fandoms and I'll tell you how they know each other. Or give me two different fandoms and I'll tell you how they are connected. [ fandoms ]

-and, yes, some form for drabble-esque fic will be begifted to ya'll, so try to play nice! ;)

Tags: [§] giftstuff for me, [♥] flist love, misc: memage

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