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§ The Hub3: I think it's fairly obvious that my Hub3 post is, quite frankly, never going to happen. It's been a good few weeks since and I've really no urge to get my squee on over it anymore. It was a great con, don't get me wrong, but more so for the fact I got to hang out with all my favourite girlies (as well as some new girlies!) for the entirity of the weekend than anything else :)

The guests they had were pretty awesome, some more than others of course (RIK ♥ BEN GDL !!!), but as ever it only truly began to feel like "The Hub" once Kai Owen (ASDFGHJK) unexpectedly turned up on the Saturday night to do the skit with GDL. They make quite the double-team that any Hub without the pair of them wouldn't really be a Hub worth attending! XD

If anyone is so inclined, my pictures and photoshoots for the event (as well as some snippity thoughts) can be found [ here ] and any questions/comments about anything I mention in my scrapbook or about the event in general can of course be asked here and I'll do my best to explain/elaborate on anything you want to know!

§ The Hub4/Hermits United: Unfortunately it does not look like I will be attending The Hub4 due to being unable to get that weekend off work, (and if by some miracle I do get it off, I won't know until that month at the earliest). This doesn't upset me nearly so much as the thought of not hanging out with my girlies for it does D: so I really hope we can get some huge-ass girly meet up going on (like the Cardiff meet, guys, what say you?) at some point next year. There doesn't have to be anything more strenious happening than getting us all in the same place for a weekend, so what say ya'll? And if you have a month that's good for you lemme know that too ;D

§ Collecto-London: WAS AMAZING! no matter what I may have said during my post-con blues. I WILL get a report up on this one soon. This past week has just been so emotionally draining for me in regards to "real life" that I haven't been able to face much in the way of squee and flail. But I'm feeling a tad more positive at the moment and with an early finish at work tomorrow I suspect you'll all be bombarded with the ASDFGHJKL OMG MISHA FUCKEN COLLINS IS SEX ON LEGS AND OMG I GOT TO TOUCH HIM post at some point then ;D heh.

§ Jus in Bello: Helping my positivity along is the thought of seeing MISHA COLLINS next year, sooner rather than Vancon later. At the moment I'm trying to convince zeitheist that attending the Supernatural con Jus in Bello in April next year is OMG A FANTASTIC IDEA because not only do I already have that same weekend off, but it's in ROME OMG and you can get a JENSEN ACKLES AND MISHA COLLINS DOUBLE SMISH ASDFGHJKL. I really, really want to go guys. Like REALLY really. Can I convince any of you beloved flisters to come along too? ::tempt, tempt::
For curiousity sake, who on my flist is planning to attend the "Being Human" convention next year? I'm not planning to go myself (I've still not actually seen the entire series, ahem), just wondering!

edt; when the bejezus did it get to being December so friggen quickly?! I am in NO WAY prepared for the festive season omg. I shall attempt a BAH HUMBUG Christmas Card post, er, soon. But all cards/gifts may end up being more "HAPPY NEW YEAR" than anything else XD haha.</p>
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