Campaspe (cs_whitewolf) wrote,

H-FanFic: truth and bone (Sylar (Nathan, Peter))

truth and bone;
Syler, (implied Nathan, Peter)
U-Rated, 233words;
this was going to end up as some sort of dub-con threesome, but the muse, he has failed me,
and so all you get is the implication that something more will happen instead ;)

It is not in his nature to surrender. Just the thought of doing so is enough to bring the bitter taste of bile to his lips and the shake of fear to his hands; hands that would crackle their defiance with stolen powers and threaten to obliterate anyone who so much as dares to step close enough to constitute as a danger to him.

Here though, here he shakes like a lonely leaf in an autumn wind; standing in one of Mrs. Petrelli’s guest bedrooms (mother, he thinks, flinching at the word and the remembrance it brings), one he has been asked to call his own but which feels too much like a crypt for him to ever call home. He doesn’t know how they have done it, but in this house he has no power. In this room he is only as strong as he was once a weakened watchmaker’s son and he shakes anew with fear and terror as he is made human for the first time in a long while.

Backed up against the far wall and staring at the only door with a mixture of longing and despair, he tries to save face with glares and threats, staring at those before him as if the force of his resistance will be enough to make them go away. It isn’t and he trembles afresh as they step into the room.

[ end. ]
[ Written for Caspe-Wri-Mo '09 ]

Tags: challenge: caspe-wri-mo, character: [heroes]: nathan petrelli, character: [heroes]: peter petrelli, character: [heroes]: sylar, fanfic: heroes, fic: rating: u, fic: wordcount: 100-500

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