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§ Collecto-London: Because you know me and my love for doing crazy things (so long as I've got other crazy people to hold my hand and be crazy with me) I think everyone who's attending Collecto-London should check out this post by my partner-in-crime zeitheist :

ATTN: Collectormania London attendees!
Ladies, gentlemen, fellow countrymen!
Would you like to do something really really ill-advised?
( well then, read on! )

:D it'll be a shitload of fun, I promise, so I'd better see ya'll taking part! heh. wings are optional.

Whilst we're on the subject of Collecto-London, I've managed to sort out my accomodation/flights/train and most of my tickets (whoop!). I'm about to get the last couple of ones I need from the online shop and was wondering if anyone needs a Standard Entry ticket for Saturday? Ticket is at face value (£5) and I can either send it to you before the event or give it to you on the day. Any takers? I'm actually getting into London on the Friday instead of the Saturday so a Standard Entry isn't going to be all that much use to me anymore and I'd really prefer to get an Early Bird instead. So, any takers?
In other news. I'm dying my hair red today. I was calling it "Anna-red" (see icon) but with my hair being naturally quite dark already it'll probably look nothing like that XD fingers crossed it'll look halfway decent at least. Though if by CM-London it's been dyed blue/black you'll know the red failed miserably, heh.
Tags: event: collectormania: london '09, pimpage

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