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13 November 2008 @ 07:00 pm
[ Notes & Thanks ] Ink in my Coffee  

Ink in my Coffee

Notes & Thanks


How it all started;

Ink in my Coffee, started life as a response to a meme that was doing the rounds a couple years back. I remember the question asking what a crossover between two shows (Torchwood and Prison Break) would entail and it didn’t take me long to come up with the basic idea of it being set in an AU verse where Torchwood is a tattoo and piercing studio situated in Downtown Chicago. It would be  run by Jack Harkness and his team, and would just so happen to be the tattoo parlour Michael Schofield decided to go to in order to get his infamous tattoo inked. Getting tattooed however wasn’t going to be the only thing that happened to him over the two months he attends Torchwood!


Torchwood vs Prison Break verse;

This story is set pre-series for Prison Break, so no in-depth knowledge of the show is required (though a vague notion of the infamous tattoo would be very handy!). If you’d like to know more about Michael Schofield please check out the Wikipedia biography for him [ here ]. Otherwise, simply look at this story as being an AU Torchwood verse which focuses on a really hot OC getting tattooed by Ianto Jones ;D




; a huge thank you to everyone on my flist who put up with my constant flailing over the writing of this story. From the perky updates to the moaning woe-is-me posts, a fair few of you have stood by me throughout and without you guys this story would more than likely have ended up being just another un-posted story sitting and gathering dust on my hard-drive. For those of you who provided hugs and cheers, for those of you who threatened me with sharp objects and whips, thank you . Thank you so damn much!


♥♥; super huge thanks to krazykipper who despite her gargantuan workload still offered to give this story a proper read-through for me! I don’t know how this woman manages to eat and sleep, never mind breathe, with the amount of stuff she does, but I am so beyond grateful to her for her help and encouraging comments. Thank you, darling!


♥♥♥; epic thanks to erin_giles for the amazing fanwork she created for Ink in my Coffee! Seeing some form of visual interpretation of my story was just so overwhelmingly awesome that I could barely form the words I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks to her. Not only did she create a brilliant design for Ianto’s back tattoo when given free reign to come up with something, but she gave me IANTO JONES ON A MOTORBIKE!!!! as a front cover XD how could I not want to slip a mention into the story of him in that getup just for kicks? Heh. Just, thank you so hard, darling. You are beyond awesome and I love you very much for this <33

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rambleinbluerambleinblue on January 23rd, 2012 08:43 pm (UTC)
Did you mis-spell the Prison Break's character name on purpose ??