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It’s officially the start of November, and that means Caspe/Novo-Wri-Mo has begun! Who’s excited? :D

For those of you crazy people joining me this month, I just wanted to clarify a few things in regards to this challenge:

01. The challenge is to write a piece of fiction every day for the entirety of November. That's 30 pieces of fiction in 30days.
02.  Fiction can be for any fandom, or can be an original piece.
03. Fiction can be however long you like (up to 100words or over 1000words, whatever inspires you!)
04. Your piece of fiction must be written on the day! No writing three fics one day and posting those over the next three days, you must write a fic a day.
05. You can plot out three pieces of fiction in one day, but the actual writing part must be done on the day.
06. You can finish pieces of fiction you have lying around your hard-drive providing you have to add a sizeable chunk to said piece of fiction in order to finish it.
07. You can write/post chaptered pieces of fiction, posting chapters a day instead of one offs.
08. Fiction can be posted any time within the 24hour period classed as a "day", but if you post it after midnight on the day in your time-zone it doesn't count. And be honest with yourself on this one, because no one is going to know but you.
09. There are no prizes for completing this challenge, just as there is no forfeit for failing it. All you get at the end is a great big sense of achievement. But, well, I don't know about you lot, but that's incentive enough for me!
10. Last but in no means least, have fun with this! You will have days where you just can’t be arsed and the thought of writing anything makes you despair, but those days will pass. Just remember, this is for fun. SO HAVE SOME FUN!

I know I say there’s no prizes at the end of this, but I’m thinking we can maybe all have a great big comment party the first day of December in order to celebrate our achievement and to moan about just how terrible/awesome some of our fics were :D

Good luck to everyone joining me with this! I cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with. To anyone who’s just tuning in- it’s not too late to join us! ;D
In related news, I’m still openly taking prompts for myself.

The fandoms I’m most likely to write for being Supernatural, Torchwood and Merlin, but feel free to check out my [ list of fandoms ] and prompt me fandoms/crossovers as you see fit. If possible please provide characters/pairings/prompts.


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