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{ just fall this time, to kiss your face, to hold you now, to feel this grace }

§ dailymishajust posted this picture up <33 Any excuse to put a half-naked picture of Misha Collins pouring yoghurt over himself up on my journal, right? XD

- there is a high possibility I'll be putting this picture (or a variation of, if anyone knows any good wallpapers using it?) on a canvas for Misha to sign at Collecto-London next month XD Everytime I see it I just get really happy and start grinning like a loon, it just totally lifts my spirits and I think waking up and seeing it every morning would totally make my day, every day. XD

§ The Hub3: I had planned to put up my recap of the weekend (yes, I realise I forgot to tell ya'll that I was away this weekend, but since most of you ended up at The Hub anyway,- and I've not been that regular with my posting schedule of late either,- I'm sure the hiatus post wasn't missed too terribly!) but lj!scrapbook is being an arse and not letting me upload pictures for some reason and you can't well do a con report without pictures! Most of my talk photos turned out pretty rubbish, so I've only a few to share from them, but my actual photoshot pictures with the guests turned out pretty well so they'll be up at some point, I'm sure ;)

...I did manage to get a recording of the Saturday night Skit which GDL and Kai preformed. I see some recordings have already made it onto youtube but I wasn't sure if I should post mine at all because, even though they didn't say not to record it this time, I know it was implied and they do say if recodings get out they'll stop doing them, yaddy-yaddy-yadda... so, what say you guys? Do I post, or don't I? Alternatively, does anyone know of a private video site or a way to only show videos posted on youtube to certain users only?

Actual con report should be up at some point tomorrow, but for now I'll just say it was an amazing event, I had an awesome time meeting the guests and hanging with my girlies/flisters and loved all the new people I met there this time too <33

§ VanCon: JENSEN ACKLES HAS BEEN SIGNED UP FOR VANCON ASDFGHJKLGLEE!!! I made it home around midnight last night and went to post a note to twitter to let everyone know I got home safe and sound from the hub3 only to find an update from @CreationCon had just been posted to announce this news. I TOTALLY HAD A SPAZZY MOMENT WITH HAND FLAPPING AND FLAILING OMG. I couldn't get my laptop loaded fast enough I swear to god, but as soon as it was up I'd snapped up two Jensen Photoshoot tickets for timecakeand me, as well as two J2 Photoshoot tickets which they'd put up along with the Jensen ones. (haha, I actually text timecakeasap to tell her I was getting her tickets. I know her well enough now to know she'd want them without encouragement! XD) OMG GUYS! I DON'T EVEN CARE THAT THEY'RE CHARGING CRAZY MONEY FOR THESE TICKETS, THEY ARE MINE! MUHAHAHAHA ::grabby hands::
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