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Sharing is Caring: for one week, I recommend/share...

Day one - a song
Day two - a picture
Day three - a book/ebook/fanfic
Day four - a site
Day five - a youtube clip
Day six - a quote
Day seven - whatever tickles your fancy

A few of my fav YouTube clips: [ Wassup Holmes ] [ Evolution of Dance ] [ Mean Kitty ] [ for zeitheist <33 ]

§ [info]apocabigbang: I know I've already signed up and all, but I've only got a vague idea about what I want to write for it. I was thinking of a Torchwood/Supernatural crossover, but set in the Torchwood verse (ie, Castiel is pretty much the only SPN character I plan to use at the moment). So what I was wondering was if anyone wanted to play as a sounding board for me, someone who doesn't mind bouncing ideas back and forth whilst I try to figure out some kind of plotwork for it? Anyone want to help out?

§ SPN Magazine: issue 11 is on sale guys! I spotted it in my local Forbidden Planet store today :D I think ya'll should go out and buy it for no other reason than because it's the Supernatural Magazine. No other reason. Honest! ;D ::flails::

(I sound like a total dweeb in it, and having it in my hands to read properly, I can see where some bits have been edited/removed, but on the whole it's not too bad. I still sound like a dweeb, but I'm sure you all know I'm not nearly as bad as that in RL XD)

I ended up buying a copy for my mother who thinks my being in it is like the second coming of Christ or something, and carouselcity who I was in with got a copy too because she's awesome like that XD and we ended up chatting to the guy at the counter about how awesome the show was and how amazing Castiel/Misha Collins/Misha's twitter are. It was pretty epic. I did not tell him the other reason we were buying the mags though, because I'm only this manic online. and amongst friends. mostly. It was nice having a conversation with a total stranger about the awesomeness of my show, is in fact the point I was making. ahem.
How's everyone's Monday evening going so far? I'm bored out of my nut at the moment. Too fidgety to watch anything or read anything. UGH.

Tags: actor: misha collins, challenge: apocabigbang, fandom: supernatural, fandom: supernatural: magazine, misc: memage

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