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27 September 2009 @ 06:50 pm
{ can't touch this }  
§ On Writing: tw_bigbang: eep! Just got a reminder in that there are less than 30hours before our first drafts are due and I'm pretty much still where I was a week ago. ::flails:: Good thing I've got nothing better to do between tonight and tomorrow than write, write, write! XD

Also, whilst I'm on about tw_bigbang, they're still looking for [ artists to sign up! ] So if you think you'd like to help out with graphics/icons/fanmixes/et al please check them out and consider signing up. You'd be doing everyone a huge favour!

edt. at approaching 4am, I'm still at an approximate 20,000words, but these are mostly edited now and I've managed to complete another few parts of this fic. Progress now stands thus:

10 / 15 words. 67% done!

I figure after sleeping off what remains of the night and plodding away at some more for the rest of today then I should have a passible fic for submission come 11.49pm! omgee. This is very exciting. Finally, a bigbang I've not managed to sabotage before the due date! XD
mood: busybusy