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§ On Writing: tw_bigbang: I sent a few people the first parts of the Tattoo AU fic I decided to write for this challenge, but I've yet to hear back from any of them in regards to their opinions on it. :S This makes me think they found it to be complete and utter drivel and probably don't want to get back to me to tell me this. But that's okay! I'm actually feeling surprisingly perky over the whole idea again (pfft writing mood-swings!) and will resume plugging away at the rest of it between now and the 28th deadline. I figure as long as I'm happy with it at the end of the day then it's okay if no one else likes it. It'd be nice if someone did, of course, but to finally finish this story and get it out there will be an achievement in of itself. Determined Caspe is determined!

§ Supernatural: ASDFGHJKL!!! I cannot decide if Kripke is playing God or the Devil at the moment. Seriously. All these promos and spoilers for upcoming episodes makes me wibble and flail all over the place! 

~ Clip from 5.03
Promo images from 5.04

- is anyone else suffering from exploding ovaries? ;D I really, desperately, want it to be Friday already so I can be watching the next episode! I'm totally living for this tv series at the moment omg!
I totes had something else to say but cannot for the life of me remember what that something else was >:| I hate when that happens.
Tags: challenge: tw_bigbang, on writing: tw/pb; tattoo au, tv series: supernatural

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