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In order not to spam you guys completely, I'm only going to go on an rampage of epic squee in regards to the cons I'll be attending for what's left of this year ;D heh. I cannot stop spazzing over The Hub3 and Collecto-London espectially XD

§ Collectomania Glasgow (29-31Aug): Only three weeks left till this one and we're experiencing a rather depressing lack of guests. So far only Kai Owen (Rhys in TW) and Natalie Tena (Tonks in HP) are holding my interest. I suspect, as with last years ones, I'll be going mostly for the dealers and the banter, as this year some of my girlies will be coming up to Scotland for a convention for a change :D There'll be lots of squee, late nights and starbucks I suspect. Cannot wait!

§ The Hub3 (23-25Oct): Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones and Rupesh Patanjali! GUYS THE SQUEE, OMGEE! ...this is shaping up to be another convention of epic proportions. Have I mentioned recently how much I love Showmasters? Because I do. I'd sell them my soul if I thought it'd do them any good XD ...though, you know, a party theme would be really awesome right about now, heh. I'm looking forward to our other guests as well, and have my fingers crossed the rumours that Kai Owen might turn up for the Sunday will come true ;) because it's totally not The Hub without both Gareth and Kai in attendance! ...It occurs to me that I've been pretty damn lucky in regards to getting who I want as guests for this event (though I am still waiting for Bilis to be announced!), so who knows, right? XD 

§ Collectomania London (28-29Nov): MISHA COLLINS, GUYS! MISHA COLLINS WILL BE THERE! ...if you're not having a spazz attack over this fact right now then consider yourself disowned. XD I get so giddy every time I just think about this, OMGEE. ::flaily:: Not only is MISHA COLLINS!!! coming back to the UK for a convention, but he's doing a Showmasters one this time! And if you read my report on the epic fail that was the Asylum run convention then you'll know that this is an amazingly awesome thing because it's like the first step in regards to Showmasters doing their own Supernatural convention, or at least for them to start getting more SPN people as guests to their events ::spazz::. This makes me so happy because I did swear off attending another Asylum run event and OMG SHOWMASTER ILYSOHARD. <33 ...I've also totally not already bought my Misha Collins photoshoot ticket XD ahem.

§ La Cage (28Nov): in relation to the epicness of MISHA COLLINS!!! above, Collecto-London aslso means I'll be heading to see John Barrowman in La Cage with some of my girlies. WHOOP. Should be giggle-tastic. I really love this new theme of cons&theatre we seem to be adopting here, girls! Any other flisters of mine going to see this show, either before/same time as/after me?
and, um, that's that... for 2009 (so far)! <33 ILUFLIST
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