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...would you like to know more?

Just make sure it's Team Torchwood you join ;) mmm'k?

So how is the flist? I'd love to tell you that the above is the reason why I've been vacant from LJ again, but alas it is not. At least this time I have a few reasons for not being online as oft as I'd have liked to be. The first and foremost being the fact that The Pharmacy where I work has just been through it's new refit, and with us having being taken over by Boots, the amount of rules, regulations and paperwork that we've to now follow have skyrocketed to obscene levels. I think there's even paperwork for how many times a day I sneeze. I may not even be joking about that. Still. We've survived the refit, and now we're getting to grips with the new way of doing things so my fingers are crossed that we'll manage to slip the boss lady something to finally calm her the fuck down things'll settle down over the next couple of weeks and we'll finally get back to normal.

In the meantime, I've been trying (and failing) to write fic. I don't think it ever used to be this hard for me before. I feel like I'm trying to remove my own spleen with a spoon it's that friggen difficult to string together a sentence I'm actually happy with. What is up with that?! Clearly I fail. Or need to practice on not sucking so hard at this sort of thing. Ugh. I may resort to asking for prompts at some point after this weekend (as I have an SPN fic due for Sunday) in order to restore my faith in my own abilities... or to prove to myself just how much I suck. Either way, practice'll be good before I start on the Torchwood Big Bang fic I thought was a good idea to sign up to. ::headdesk::

In happier news, I bought "Lesbian Vampire Killers" on dvd. This movie is the shit. And everyone should buy it at their earliest convenience. Even if it's just for the fact that Paul McGann plays a foul-mouthed warrior priest XD YUMMY!
Tags: [§] pretty men, challenge: deancastiel: sa iii, movie: lesbian vampire killers, on writing, real life: the apothecary

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