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15 July 2009 @ 09:55 pm
{ two guesses what I'll be seeing tonight... }  
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, ho-yah!

I'm getting very excited for it, despite the fact it's probably going to be this huge-ass love fest ::gag::, because I've had definite confirmation (from the mother one who sneakily went to see it this afternoon whilst I was working) that my beloved Severus Snape is in this movie not only more than origionally expected, but also more than he's been in the previous movies! SQUEE! ...I can has me some Snaspe, ys? X)

And for your viewing pleasure, some sexy Snape pics I've managed to pick up from somewhere or other. If you've any to share in return, please do! ;)

mood: bouncybouncy
absdax: Abi Cokeabsdax on July 15th, 2009 09:03 pm (UTC)

seen it twice today already! LOL!

you IMAX ing it???

so so jealous that there isnt an Imax in Newcastle!!!!!
Campaspe: Harry Potter \\ Severus loves Remuscs_whitewolf on July 15th, 2009 09:08 pm (UTC)
I sure will :D

Just normal pix tonight, but hopefully IMAX sometime after LFCC !! hehe

Did you love it very much?
absdaxabsdax on July 16th, 2009 10:29 am (UTC)
i loved it lots, even thou they skimmed over the HBP issue.
but yes i loved it
I'd call you a genius but I'm in the roomelfinessy on July 15th, 2009 09:06 pm (UTC)
yeah - my Mum's seen this before me.... That's strange.
Campaspe: Harry Potter \\ Mischevious Weasleycs_whitewolf on July 15th, 2009 09:10 pm (UTC)

Apparently my mom took her mom to go and see it XD bless them! But they loved it and so I am hopefull it's going to be good.
absinthefairy88absinthefairy88 on July 15th, 2009 09:12 pm (UTC)
As much as I love Snape - and I do (Alan Rickman's voice.....*melts*) I'm more a Draco girl myself.

I'm hopefully going to see it tomorrow. That is if my dear friend stops squeeing over Harry long enough to book me a ticket as well as herself.
Tessa: KingIantotiggerbrasilf on July 15th, 2009 09:16 pm (UTC)
Hope you enjoy it. I'm going to con Matthew to see it on sunday morning (:
moonystone: Shinymoonystone on July 15th, 2009 09:46 pm (UTC)

Love the pics!
Kari: alan rickman lovecaptbrilliant on July 16th, 2009 12:11 am (UTC)
YAY SNAPE! ♥ I'm so excited for this movie ^^ And I have to say, when I first started reading the HP books soooo long ago, I didn't picture Snape anything really like Alan Rickman. But, I'm not complaining... hee ♥
galaxy_song: ron mckaygalaxy_song on July 16th, 2009 02:51 pm (UTC)
I'll need to wait untill get back from London to go see it:) I hope it is good we waited long enough for it.

I don't know why I find Snape sitting reading the paper funny.
Averie: sirry/remusedhelur on July 17th, 2009 01:57 am (UTC)
oh, you. *grins*

gyaaahh, I took my 14 year old sister + friend to the 12:02 AM showing (enduring much bitching about the 12:01 showing having been sold out), and really didn't realize that would mean having to pick them up, too, at 3:00 AM. Let's just say that she needs to learn the difference between "We're in front of the theater" and "we're in the theater", and also to answer her phone.

regardless, I think I might go to a matinee showing tomorrow (evening shows are so expensive!!).. it looks pretty good, no?
It looks about as sea-worthy as a rubber duck!harem_ent on July 19th, 2009 07:16 pm (UTC)
Harry Potter FTW! Snape was in it (and he had hair like Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen) and Daniel Radcliffe nearly acted and was actually amusing and there was SO MUCH GAY INNUENDO I NEARLY CHOKED ON IT. All in all, good times.