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{ two guesses what I'll be seeing tonight... }

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, ho-yah!

I'm getting very excited for it, despite the fact it's probably going to be this huge-ass love fest ::gag::, because I've had definite confirmation (from the mother one who sneakily went to see it this afternoon whilst I was working) that my beloved Severus Snape is in this movie not only more than origionally expected, but also more than he's been in the previous movies! SQUEE! ...I can has me some Snaspe, ys? X)

And for your viewing pleasure, some sexy Snape pics I've managed to pick up from somewhere or other. If you've any to share in return, please do! ;)

Tags: [♥] snaspe, character: [hp]: severus snape, movie: harry potter

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