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Torchwood : COE : after thoughts

The only annoying thing about this series of Torchwood is the fact that it was so friggen good that I cannot with any degree of seriousness hate it. It killed me in every possible way, but at the same time it was the best nail-biting, nerve-wracking, emotional rollercoaster of a series I've ever had the pleasure to watch. The characters- all of them- finally found their feet and their places within Torchwood and made it work so spectacularly. This series itself made me cry on at least four seperate occasions and I just have to state that tv just never does that to me.

I'm probably not going to do any sort of reaction/recap post with my thoughts and opinions on every tiny detail of Children of Earth, nor any OTT posts filled with angst and anger over certain events we all wish never happened (but which in fact did happen and no amount of sobbing and or threatening is going to make it go away. That's what fanfiction is for, people.) but I just wanted to let everyone know that I've watched it all, and that though it killed me and I may be silent on the matter of Torchwood for a little while as I recover, I am in fact very much alive and inlove with series three and am planning a multitude of fics to show my appreciation (yes, and my denial!) of this awesome piece of television. I LOVE YOU TORCHWOOD: COE!!!
Also! Does anyone have their TW:COE dvds yet? I know there was talk of some people getting them early and really want to know what the extras are like? And there had better be extras, we were so badly cheated out of them with S2 that I will be most displeased if there's not so much as a wiff of a special feature for S3!
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