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Torchwood : COE : Rupesh Patanjali <33

[ A "Dear Writers of Torchwood" reaction post to the Character of Rupesh Patanjali. (Spoilers, obviously)
 All caps with credit to marishna]

(( Rupesh Pattenchali is thinking naughty thoughts about you. ))

Dear Writers of Torchwood,

When I was first introduced to the character of Rupesh Patanjali, I was beside myself with excitement. Sure it was the shallow kind with copious amounts of flailing and gushing over just how goddamned pretty he was and how delish he'd look as the filling to a Jack/Ianto sandwich, but that's to be expected as my introduction to this beautiful boy was through the super sneaky spoiler pics taken by fans during the filming sessions.

I didn't know a single other thing about him, but slowly, over the next couple of weeks whispers of information began to slip through and we found out his name (Rupesh the Bear. damn you dancy_dreamer! and doesn't it just roll so wonderfully off the tongue?) and that he was a Doctor (handy, since we're sort of needing one of these now.) and that he'd have some kind of interaction with the Torchwood team (cue the plot bunnies frolicking around in glee as we wondered just how/what/when things were going to happen!) and you can of course imagine my excitement as speculation began that he was indeed to be a new addition to our seriously dwindling team.

Then the rumours of a character death began floating around, and I was too weak to resist asking just who was fated to pop their clogs (understandable really, since I'd heard talk it would be Ianto and I just couldn't sit back and wait for that to shock the hell outta me!) only to find out that it was our dear wannabe team member Rupesh. Oh the sadness. Oh the woe. I was very much distressed. But then I told myself, "these are just rumours" and "nothing is final till it airs on tv" and was consoled...

...right up until the moment COE: Day One aired and Rupesh died a flaily death of suprise :O

Why, writers? Why would you give us such an awesome character (and yes, he was awesome, and not just from a shallow "pretty!" point of view. Boy can clearly act, which is always a plus, and he had a SEKRIT DOUBLELIFE which means he would have fitted into Torchwood just nicely) only to take him right back? :(( You only gave us a day with him. It was never going to be enough time. I'd thought, even if he had to go, we'd have had him for Torchweek at least. I am very distressed. And disappointed. And shall go into mourning now before transitioning into denial and then finally into a deluded state wherein I'm adamant that Rupesh lives because he is actually a vampire who wears really good sunblock to stop him SPARKLING in the sunlight and that he helps Torchwood save the day and as a reward gets to join the team and have that super sexy threesome with Jack and Ianto...

A seriously deluded distressed fangirl,

P.S. Yes, I know he wanted to be spy in Torchwood, but Ianto kept his cybergirlfriend in the basement so it's okay. After Rupesh is caught and we have the whole emo moment of how the baddies are holding his family/puppy/laptop as hostage, the team will forgive him and band together to save the day... as well as his family/puppy/laptop. Then we get a threesome. Or foursome depending how frisky Gwen's feeling. 

P.P.S. And I know he shot Jack. In the back. But Jack doesn't die. And though Rupesh looked very surprised by the fact Jack *did* come back to life, the fact that he knew it was rumoured he could clearly means that the shot doesn't count. And that Jack will forgive him. And invite him back to the hub for a kinky threesome with Ianto. Just saying.


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