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Torchwood : Radio Play : The Dead Line

When a Cardiff hospital is inundated with patients who have fallen into coma-like trances,
Torchwood move in to investigate. The trances appear to have been triggered by phone calls,
all received on retro phones and made from a number that hadn't been active for over 30 years.
Determined to find out who has been calling the unfortunate victims,
Jack rings the mysterious number, but the line is dead.
But then it calls Jack back.

Hands down the best radio play of the three. But then, seeing as it was written by Phil Ford, I'd been expecting as much. I loved the plot and the dialogue and that Rhys got to play as part of the Torchwood team (him and Gwen always do an awesome job when they're together, "Bay of the Dead" being a prime example). I'm wondering if the usage of PC Andy and Rhys alot more in the novels/audios/etc means they've already found their two new team members.... hummmm....

The use of the old phones and the "virus" being passed on through the phonelines was pretty nifty. Though Jack's cock-sure attitude when it comes to his own life is beginning to wear thin. Yes, we all know you can't die, Jack, but do you mind setting a better example to your fellow team members? If you knew there was something calling people that could put them in a trance-like state, would you answer a fricken call from that very same number?! No you damn well would not. ::smacks Jack upside the head:: pffft.

Of course, if it wasn't for Jack's stupidity, we'd never have gotten to the best part of the whole thing, that being Ianto's monologue to a trance-like Jack. It was really quite heartbreaking <33 made more so by the fact that Ianto knew it wasn't going to be a "forever" thing for them, that one day Jack really would leave and that eventually he'd be forgotten. Even Jack's comment when he awoke about Ianto not being a blip tugged at my heartstrings because although he promises that now, we all know that one day, hundreds of years from now, he'll have forgotten. With as many lovers as the man has had and will likely have in the future, I'd be beyond impressed if he were able to remember them all.

Still, I did have one fleeting heart-melting moment when he said that to Ianto, just for the sheer fact that he heard him at all and was willing to acknowledge what was said. oh boys!

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