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Torchwood : Radio Play : The Golden Age

The Torchwood team are led to Delhi on the trail of a dangerous energy field.
As the field grows, they witness the simultaneous disappearance of hundreds of people.
Jack discovers that the field centres on an old colonial mansion, Torchwood India.

Oddly enough, though I suspect this radio play was trying to be more upbeat and action/adventure-y than "Asylum", I have to admit that I did in fact fall asleep whilst listening to it O_o... not something that's every happened to me before, and I must admit that I'm more than a little alarmed by this fact.

I believe I drifted off around the time The Dutchess- (or whatever her actual name was, I can't remember and don't actually care enough to find out. Besides, she was far too snooty for my liking anyway. I'm surprised her grating voice and simpering attitude didn't keep me awake, it should have been far too annoying to sleep through!) -was telling Jack just how they'd managed to keep themselves alive for 90-odd-years. Ianto and Gwen had been sucked up by the shadow machine at this point (are you seriously trying to tell me that Team Wales let themselves get taken out by two guys (who sounded as old and rickety as their true ages) and a bottle of chloroform. BAH!).

Afterwhich everything fades into nothingness until there's some almighty sound (crash? bang? Whatever it was I jolted up out awake wondering wtf was going on. It took me a moment to realise that I'd actually drifted off for a moment or two!) and the next thing I know, Jack, Ianto and Gwen are out of Torchwood: India and commenting on how The Duchess finally got what she wanted. Clearly he was very torn up by the loss of his one-time conquest. Hmmm. I'm rather surprised he managed to put up with her at all tbh. She started off well enough what with trying to kill him and all in the beginning, but that brief likeness of her character wore off pretty quickly.

I can't even say that any of the team made up for The Duchess' annoyance. Ianto got in a pretty amusing comment before she started trying to kill them in the beginning. And Gwen and Ianto shared one or two moments when searching the house, but nothing really stands out as being particularly quote worthy, alas. 

I'd be intrigued to find out what everyone else thought of this one, considering that most people seemed to comment on how boring the last one was. Did my girlies like this one? I know some of you guys shared my views in liking Asylum, which definitely trumps this one, hands down.

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