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Torchwood : Radio Play : Asylum

The story of a teen runaway called Freda who is brought to the attention of Torchwood by PC Andy.
As Gwen, Jack and Ianto investigate where this troubled girl has come from,
Andy finds himself drawn closer than ever before into the world of Torchwood.


All the reviews on it so far have branded it as being a bit of a "snooze-fest"  and boring and in a way I both agree and disagree. By the time I got home from work and settled down to listen to the first of the radio plays, I was beginning to feel decidedly unwell and decided that I'd listen to the play whilst having a bit of a lie down. Asylum definitely wasn't the heart-pumping adventure that most of us were probably expecting, but for me it was just what I needed to be listening to in order to relax and recover for a bit. Something nice and calm, nothing too exciting or jumpy, but with an engaging story that kept me listening and intrigued enough not to fall asleep!

I loved that PC Andy not only got to find out about Torchwood, but that they decided against retconning the knowledge from him too. I think this actually makes him a proper member of "the club" now ;) and one hopes that this will lead to the use of his character in, say, the actual tv series? Most of us have been gagging to have PC Andy around a bit more, and after 45minutes of his quirky humour I'm even more up for it than I already was, heh.

I really liked the OC, Freda. And I loved her wacky way of speaking XD ....Jack came across as being a tad hypocritical/prejudiced (am I even thinking the right word here? :S) in regards to her being half-human, half-alien though. I mean after everything he's done (figuratively and literally) you'd think he'd have been a little more understanding of her predicament, especially considering it's neither something she could help nor change about herself. Still, didn't take Jack too long to come around to Gwen and Ianto's way of thinking, thankfully. Talk about tag-teaming the boss ;) heh.

Gwen was pretty awesome. Loved the banter between her and Andy. They're really quite hysterical together, especially without meaning to be. The part where she confesses to him that Freda may not be entirely human and Andy realises what she's going on about had me giggling just a wee bit ;) loff them so much!

And as for Ianto, well now... the riding on the motorcycle with Jack was sexy in an "omg I wish I could actually see them on a bike together!" way, and their banter in the SUV beforehand in regards to Jack pressing all the buttons on the gun (which, omg, how awesome would one of those be for shopping with?! You'd never have to stand in another goddamned queue again!) was nice, and I also loved their couple-y bickering, and his aforementioned tag-teaming of Jack with Gwen was pretty good too, but on a whole? Definitely not enough Ianto going around in this one!

...but that's okay. I just bet they're saving him all up in order to torture him senseless when "The Dead Line" comes round! fingers crossed anyway ;) tehehe.

And tomorrow Torchwood go to India in "Golden Age". Cannot wait! X)

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