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Lets talk about LFCC, BB!

Good news in regards to LFCC, the bosslady unexpectedly agreed to let me have the Saturday off work, which means I'll be able to attend both the Saturday and Sunday of LFCC :D ( return, because apparently there's a tit-for-tat attatched to any holidays I want, I'm working two 6-day weeks at over 40hours per week. UGH THE FAIL).

So! Since Stacey and I will be there over the weekend, I was wanting to see how everyone felt about going to the theatre on the Saturday night instead of on the Monday? Also, I was thinking about going to see Avenue Q, unless anyone has any objections/other suggestions? Also, anyone who's going to LFCC is welcome to come too, the more the merrier, right? ...and, um, is it better to book tickets in advance for this sort of thing?
Tags: event: london film&comic con '09, real life: the apothecary, theatre: avenue q, tv series: torchwood: series 3

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