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{ Asylum3 : The Misha Collins Show ft.Castiel Bear and some other famous people... }

{ The Misha Collins Show }


{ Any Jared fans?                      

::big cheer::

Any Jensen fans?              

::bigger cheer::

…how about Misha fans?              






 It was Friday evening, we’d spent hours queuing for an unorganised registration1, more hours spent queuing for the Winchester Squeeze, and then even more hours on top of that queuing up for the Friday Autograph Session. Seeing the J2 boys in the flesh (however briefly it may have been) had been enough to tide most of us over to this point, but now we wanted more. We wanted everything. We wanted our guests! I wanted Misha! XD


There came a sudden disturbance from the back of the queue, heads whipped around and a cheer rose up as first Matthew Cohen was spotted, then Amy Gumenick, then OMG IT’S MISHA COLLINS! The cheers reached fever pitch as he walked past us and into the autograph room; he was grinning that wicked little nose-scrunching grin of his and I possibly swooned just a little bit and got the tummy-somersault feeling just seeing him in the flesh for the first time in my life.


I don’t know if it’s entirely possible to really fall in love with someone you’ve never met before, but since Misha Collins breaks all the rules anyway, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that if I thought I loved this man before Asylum3, it’s nothing compared to how much I love him now that I’ve met him, spoken to him, and squished him tight. <33


The autograph room opened a while later with all the guests aside from Jensen and Jared (who would be signing in a separate room that evening). In it I got to meet with Charles “Malik” Whitfield (Special Agent Victor Henriksen, who is just hilarious and was willing to break dance for us live on stage! ftw!),
Matthew Cohen
(young John Winchester, who is just lush looking and kept shouting out “Jensen”, “Jared” and “Misha” to make us all scream XD),
Amy Gumenick (young Mary Winchester; who is so darn pretty! I told her that she was awesome in the show and it was nice to have another kick-ass woman on Supernatural),
Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester; who now has really short, but really good-looking, hair now),
Gabriel Tigerman
(Andrew (Andy) Gallagher; who is so utterly adorable you just want to pinch his cheeks and ruffle his hair),
Frederic Lehne (Azazel aka The Yellow-Eyed Demon; who shook my hand and is all kinds of amazing and sang “Sympathy for the Devil” to us, but changed the words to fit Supernatural (recording anyone?),
Richard Speight Jr. (Trickster; who looked really odd with a beard O_O but was awesome up on stage so he’s forgiven),
and last but certainly not least
Misha Collins (Castiel), who is going to need a helluva lot more than a mere sentence to describe his sheer awesomeness at Asylum3!


But before I start spamming ya’ll about Misha I just want to say that Jared was so lovely when I eventually did get his autograph, he shook my hand and everything and I totally went all fangirly over him despite being a Castiel Dean girl. Jensen, when we eventually got to him was being rushed through all his autographs and we’d been told we weren’t allowed to talk to him2, thankfully I managed to grab his attention enough to get a couple smiles and a thank you from him. I love them both so very hard! …except not as hard as Misha ;D


I got to Misha’s table, juggling my bag, my pictures, my autograph tickets and, of course, Castiel Bear! I was so nervous and worried that he’d take one look at me and the bear and be all like “omg weirdo!” or something, but his actual reaction was more than I could ever have hoped for! The moment Misha laid eyes on Castiel bear he was all grabby hands and asking if he could hold him. I was expectedly over the moon with his reaction and handed over the poor thing faster than he could blink. I don’t think I’ve ever been more willing to let someone else hold that bear before now and I doubt many people will get to cuddle him now that Misha’s paws have been all over him! XD


I couldn’t just let the moment go however and seized my chance to say to him, “I know we’re not supposed to, but pretty please could I take a picture of you and the bear?” To which his reply was “Of course!” I think the cameras were out faster than the bear was thrown to Misha XD tehehe.


Misha just turned to the crew member beside him and was all like “you just look the other way”. I think she smiled and shook her head but to be honest I wasn’t paying any attention because OMG MISHA COLLINS WAS HOLDING CASTIEL BEAR AND PRODDING AT HIM AND POSING WITH HIM AND GRINNING AT ME AND OMG THE SQUEE THE SQUEE XD XD XD


I was walking on air when I left his table. I swear to god, walking on air. Not only is he devilishly sexy when he grins at you (and lets face it, the nose-scrunching grin is both devilish and sexy!) and drop-dead gorgeous when he’s not, but he has this innate ability to just make you feel so damn welcome and appreciated and wanted. Like he’s invited you to be there himself so he can talk to you and make witty comments about random things and take the piss out of you like he’s known you for years…


{ abdax ::talking to him about being on twitter::

   MISHA! ::blank look:: Twitter? What’s that?

   Absdax ::blinks:: Oh! ::looks vaguely alarmed, begins to explain::

   MISHA! ::wicked grin:: Nah, I’m just shitting you, it is me XD }


…LOVE YOU SO HARD MISHA! XD HOW ARE YOU THIS EPICALLY AWESOME!? That was only my first taste of his sense of humour. The first taste of things to come. And, dear fandomy gods, I thank you so hard for bringing Misha Collins to the UK because I have never laughed so hard in my whole life as when Misha was up on stage doing his panels!


On the Saturday he started off by choosing his first questioner based on how desperate they looked to ask him a question. Being Misha, he chose the girl who looked the least desperate and all but cackled at making the other girl wait some more! Tehehe.


I only managed to tweet about a couple of his questions mostly because he was making me laugh far too hard to even think about trying to write things down, and partly due to my phone losing all signal/connection at random points throughout the day. Here’s a repost of a couple of my tweets, if anything needs explaining just ask!



Misha picking people for questions based on how desperate they look XD #asylm3:39 PM May 30th from web    


@mishacollins just asked us if we want Castiel to have sex with Dean! ...told us to get our minds out the gutter XD #asylm3:48 PM May 30th from web
- okay, I have to clear this one up! The question was about Castiel’s “platonic” feelings towards Dean. Misha just came right out and asked if the sex part was what she meant. He didn’t mean the “get your minds out of the gutter” part in any kind of derogatory way, he was having a laugh with us because we were all cheering and whooping. He was just working the crowd with blatant fan-service. I say this because I think some people (especially those not at the event) misinterpreted his intentions behind that comment. MISHA LOVES US SHIPPERS REALLY!


@mishacollins says he's the "first" heart-throb on SPN, J2 were just the warm up! XD #asylm3:50 PM May 30th from web


@mishacollins wants the Beverly Hills Cop theme to be Castiel's theme tune #asylm3:55 PM May 30th from web


@mishacollins doing impressions of Castiel's voice XD when telling us why he chose to use a deep one. #asylm3:56 PM May 30th from web
- NB: Castiel voice is SUPER SEXY when done in the same room as you! ::delighted shiver::


@mishacollins admits to having stolen stuff to give his family Christmas pressies as a kid coz they didn't have much money. #asylm4:00 PM May 30th from web


@mishacollins showed us a trick with his tongue XD kinda sexy haha #asylm4:02 PM May 30th from web


:(( had to leave Misha's talk for Jared's photoop OMG FAIL SO FRIGGEN HARD ...MISHAAAAA!! #asylm4:05 PM May 30th from web
- I love Jared really, but this is MISHA! <33 …Jared was looking mighty fine though!

@Simpson65 @mishacollins says for a 3rd world country we're holding up pretty well... the electricity hasn't gone off once *gasp* XD #asylm4:11 PM May 30th from web

- no lie, the first thing I heard when going back into Misha’s talk was him saying “…Dean and Castiel, and RPS, and incest”. I had no clue what the hell was going on but I was liking it! XD


@mishacollins question was apparently abt fanfic and if he's read any. He knows all abt it but torn between intrigue and "eww" XD #asylm4:21 PM May 30th from web
- not “eww” for slash, but more for it being like reading about himself? (I think at least, can’t remember now, I was too busy flailing!)


@mishacollins enjoyed doing "the rapture" would love to play Jimmy more! thinks he's still alive in there for some parts. #asylm4:23 PM May 30th from web


@mishacollins says it's "super fun to play an angel". comment abt being able to magically mend his own clothes! XD #asylm4:24 PM May 30th from web


@mishacollins doesn't like being called "Cas". Thinks Zachariah is a cooler name. #asylm4:25 PM May 30th from web
- I have to say word on the Cas thing. I think only Dean should be calling Castiel “Cas” in the show instead of everyone using the nickname.


@mishacollins thinks Castiel is becoming more human (awww! love!) #asylm4:26 PM May 30th from web


@mishacollins talk over. WOE! #asylm4:34 PM May 30th from web


Jared's talk and @mishacollins photo session next. Def not allowed to touch :(( I really wanted a Misha!hug.4:40 PM May 30th from web




Caspe can die happy now X)5:28 PM May 30th from web


MISHA SMUSH! I GOTS A MISHA SMUSH!!! …and speaking about Misha smishes, when absdax and I were getting out pictures with the J2 boys we were told “no props” not even if we were the ones holding them. With Jensen, Abs has to leave Dean bear on the table, but with Jared she managed to talk her way into getting Sam bear into the shot. Thanks to this stroke of luck I thought I might just be lucky enough to get away with the same thing if I took Castiel bear in with me. After promising that I was the one who’d be holding him and bla-bla I was allowed to take Castiel with me! :D


When it was my turn to have my picture taken with Misha, he turned to me and lifted his arm to which I responded by grinning up at him and stepping in real close with one arm around his waist and Castiel bear hugged to my chest. Misha was clearly having none of it however, after slinging his arm around my waist he proceeded to use his other hand to grab hold of Castiel Bear’s arm and tug him towards him! My super goofy grin in the picture is due to our wee tug-of-war thing going on over Castiel XD B’wahahahaha OMG I LOVE YOU MISHA! HOW ARE YOU ABLE TO MAKE ME FLAIL SO DAMN HARD!? I couldn’t stop grinning for the rest of the day, omgee. LOVE LOVE LOVE.





Man, but he makes me fangirl so damn much. Le sigh. X) Unfortunately I didn’t get proper “Misha time” on the Sunday of the convention as I failed to win one of the Coffee Lounge positions, but we did get Misha on stage for nearly two hours as he did his panel and then covered half of Jensen’s as he was still busy signing autographs. This, of course, made me super happy because he had the whole lot of us in stitches. I think out of everything he was asked on a couple of the answers given were serious replies, and even then, half of that couple was answered with enough dry whit and humour to keep us in stitches anyway. I came out of that hall at the end of it all with a sore stomach and a big shit-eating grin.


Again, my phone completely bombed out on me so only a dribble of tweets from right at the beginning of his panel:


Woe! Just found out I haven't won a place in the coffee lounge with Misha :(( #asylm8:22 AM May 31st from web


@mishacolins on next! fingers crossed internet holds up, pls! #asylm4:07 PM May 31st from web


Unexpected Jared on to mess with @mishacollins #asylm4:08 PM May 31st from web


Jared touching @mishacollins ...@mishacollins making blowjob motions with mike to Jared@ #asylm4:11 PM May 31st from web
- Jared crashed the beginning of Misha’s talk to say goodbye to us. And Misha joked that maybe he should get off stage. And Jared was like no, but you can hold my mike too. Misha did but started moving the mike up and down in front of Jared’s mouth. It took Jared a while to clock on, really, you’d think our giggling would have notified him sooner ;D


Unexpected Jared reappeared to put wings on @mishacollins XD #asylm4:16 PM May 31st from web


@mishacollins has done "everything he's ever wanted to" last on list was eating the pony! XD #asylm4:18 PM May 31st from web


@mishacollins "someone's trying to take pictures of my crotch!" Then stood up and told us to get it out of our systems! XD #asylm4:21 PM May 31st from web


And that, folks is the end of The Misha Collins Show. I’m sure everyone’s got more exciting things to say but for me nothing is going to beat the fact that MISHA LOVED CASTIEL BEAR SO HARD HE TRIED TO STEAL HIM XD …that and whenever I smish Castiel, technically I’m smishing Misha now since he’s had his hands all over him ;D tehehe.


Ah yes, life is good! ::snugs her Cas bear::

(( The unexpectedly awkward Winchester "Squeeze" ))

(( Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki looking mighty fine! ))

(( Sam, Dean & Castiel Bear
Sam&Dean by absdax, Castiel by me ))

edt: as abdax has just reminded me: whilst were were at Asylum3 we got approached by two lovely women, one was from the Supernatural magazine, she was standing in the queue behind us and got a text from tracy_loo_who(?) asking if she'd seen Castiel Bear XD she wanted to grab some pics of the bears for the mag but alas we never saw her again. WOE!
We also met a reporter from the Birmingham Post who did infact take pictures of us and the bears and said she'll let us know whether they get into the paper or not XD was pretty surreal!
Loads of other people kept coming up to us for pics with the bears, which was awesome. A few people tried taking sneaky shots but if we caught them we just smiled and invited them to hold the bears if they wanted pics with them. See? Fangirls don't always bite!
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  • { must be an angel }

    Nabbed from everyone and their mother; There must be an angel playing with my Campaspe. Which song was this lyric from? Get your own lyrics:…

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