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{ John Barrowman; The Concert }

[[ Cut for length (and because I'm sure some people may actually consider this post to be spoilery in some way or other. I don't think it is... I doubt all this excitement is going to happen at the other concerts ("medley" moment aside?) although, bonus points if the man does actually manage to rip his pants at every gig he does... oops! did I say that out of cut? ;) my bad!) ]]

From the moment the first silver spangled dancers shimmied their way onto the stage to frame The Barrowman, you could tell exactly what kind of evening it was going to be. There was clearly an intention there to top last years gig but first impressions were most assuredly that “cheesy dancers are cheesy and omg I cringe, I cringe!” Sitting between galaxy_song and carouselcity I did in fact have to resist the urge to sink into my seat as the show got started, but being a John Barrowman concert you learn pretty damn quickly to leave your inhibitions at the door and after the first two songs I’d shaken off my initial embarrassment and was all for squeeing and flailing and bobbing along for the rest of the show. (Thankfully, said dancers did improve greatly over the course of the evening, so bonus points for that!)

They were filming the Glasgow concert for a dvd version and I pray to the gods that as well as the edited version they release the uncut one because OMG that man had us in stitches for a great part of the evening- if it wasn’t jokes about Americans not knowing the meaning of “shite” XD it was ripping his pants doing a very energetic rendition of some boogie song or other.


It was hilarious, omg. The whole audience could not stop laughing (and neither could he mind you) and he just kept turning around and wriggling his arse to show us all and that sure as hell didn’t help matters. In fact, it was clearly his own fault that carouselcity and myself started up the chant of “Off! Off! Off!” in regards to said ripped pants. Good times! The poor guy then tried to shush us all so he could slip into singing “I Won’t Send Roses” (I think this was the one) which is a pretty serious song and requires a more respectful tone from the audience. Could we stop laughing at him? Oh no! I think he was more worried about having to change into new pants and messing up the dvd than he was at the thought of having to perform the rest of the show with a rip up his backside XD …in the end though he did rush off to change and we all took a moment to compose ourselves in his absence ;)

The other highlight of the night was the fact that he managed to top last years “surprise” of getting his mom up on stage to sing with him, by getting both his mom and his dad up this time! And not to sing but to line dance! XD it was mental and we were all a-cheering. Afterwards, JB kept his mother on stage to duet “Amazing Grace” with her, and god bless her, even though she was shaking like a leaf throughout the whole thing, her voice was just perfect and you can see why JB loves hearing his mom sing the song. Once they finished the whole audience stood up to cheer for her <33 she is just the sweetest old lady you ever did see!

In a nod to his Scottish roots, JB  also talked about wanting to combine his Scottish heritage with his love of musical theatre, I would love to know if anyone else got to hear him singing the medley of West End hits he sang in his Scottish accent because omg Proclaimers eat your heart out! (and we all know how much I love those boys!) It was just brilliant. I think we should form some sort of petition to get at least one song sung with his Scottish accent per album/concert. Lmao.

Though I’m not sure I can claim that this year’s concert was better than the last one (I think the first time you see that man in action is and always will be remembered as the best) it was everything I expected it to be and more. It was certainly worth going and I’m very psyched to be able to go again when he’s in Cardiff next weekend! JB really knows how to work his crowds and he was just so full of innuendos and jokes and life that you just can’t help but find yourself basking in the moment and wishing that the night would just drag on into the forever.

So, yeah, it was an awesome night. Very sorry to say that I never got any pictures/etc, but with the film camera’s being all over the place and the lights being turned up quite brightly I was more than a little timid about taking pics of the man doing his thing. Sorry, folks, I know some of you guys had your fingers crossed that I’d get the goods! …still, there is always the Cardiff concert ;) so who knows what I’ll manage there! …and if all else fails, there will be a dvd! So you can see everything on that (please dear god keep the ripped pants in!).
edt.i.: Oh! Oh! Saw Scott Gill <33 he is so lush up close and in the flesh omg. Resisted all urges to continuously stare and take stalker snaps of him. Clearly I fail. However, I’m hoping that some attendees have lesser morals than me and did manage to take a pic or two, heh. I'ma looking at you killer_queen87! XD

edt.ii.: Daniel Boys was also pretty damn awesome! I feel I should note this down because even though it was all about The Barrowman last night, that boy can sing! omg. Apparently he's returning to Avenue Q after touring with JB? I think I want to go even more now. Shaz, baby, have you made your plans yet? and can you tell me more about this boy! ;)


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