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Star Trek Movie? One Word: OMFG!

There is no other word fitting for the awesomeness I have just returned from seeing, I swear to god! I'm not and never was any kind of hardcore trekkie. I only ever watched the show in passing as a kid, so I'm not sure what "real" fans will think of it in relation to the old school version, but for a "newbie" as such this movie completely. blew. me. away. It is BEYOND EPIC. And I am utterly and completely in love with it. ::flaily hands:: EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS MOVIE! ...I must see this movie! Again. And again. And possibly one more time for good luck. 

I'll say no more here, but if you've seen it please comment because I want to squee about stuff! XD ...ya'll will probably know what when you see it. haha.

...comments may, of course, contain spoilers.
In other squee-worthy news: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer preceeding the movie. UNEXPECTED SEVERUS SNAPE ON THE BIG SCREEN RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME OMG! I squeed. And was laughed at. But omg how my fangirly heart fluttered. So cannot wait to see my man in action again! ::happy sigh:: Snaspe <33

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