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06 May 2009 @ 07:05 pm
{ to be like they are }  

§ Dreamwidth: I has one, add me? I wasn't going to jump on the bandwagon, but the newsletters I'm with are thinking about mirroring their content on D/W in the near future and so I got the option of getting an account there for when this happens. So, I have one now. I also have two invite codes, and could probably get more if I asked nicely, so if anyone would like to get one too just comment with your email and I'll send you the invite. I've no idea just what on earth I'ma use the D/W account for, but I'm sure I'll think of something.

§ John Barrowman Concerts: Girlies! It's almost concert time! :D I'm very excited! Just the thought of seeing you girls again has been keeping my spirits high! I've yet to book my transportation down, but I think Stacey and I are doing that tonight (It's been a right pain in the arse trying to get to Cardiff omg you would not believe it!) but it'll all be worth the hassle once we're there and having an ace time! ...What time is everyone thinking about arriving the Friday and leaving on the Monday? Chances are we'll be the first there and the last to leave what with the way our flights are working out! ...Also, I have not bought JB's album. I've not had the money recently ::snork:: but would very much like to aquire a copy before the concert, anyone want to help a gal out? ;)

§ Asylum3: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Ah, man, it's SO CLOSE OMG! I can't stop thinking about this one. I'm am so giddy with excitement for it. I've thought of some things to say when I'm getting my autographs (wtf? I know, I *never* say anything at the autos!), I have a question for Jensen for his Q&A (I'm working on ones for the other guys! Any suggestions?), I know what I'm wearing at the parties, I know what I'm wearing during the day ...O_O, I know what I'm getting signed (more or less), Ianto bear has shapeshifted into Castiel bear (sans tie, which is also being worked on) and OMG IS IT HERE YET!? ...again, advanced apologies to my girlies who're having to put up with me the weekend before Asylum3 XD

Whilst we're on the subject of girlies and Asylum- galaxy_song and absinthefairy88, I need to know what you guys want signed! And for defo as to whether you want your auto's personalised or not!

I'm getting these two pictures signed. I couldn't decide whether to get seperate ones for Jensen and Jared or not, but I adore this promo pic so am thinking about getting them to sign the same one. And Misha of course is signing the Castiel one. Do you guys want the same prints or something different? I can print pictures at home (I have the glossy paper and everything) but the "lighter" they are the better they look. What say you?


Also, does anyone have pictures/large screencaps of FBI Agent Victor Henricksen (Charles Malik Whitfield ), Andrew Gallagher (Gabriel Tigerman) and Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith), because I can't find any good ones myself and have no idea what I'ma get them to sign if I can't find anything. Help???

§ London Film and Comic Con(^): Paul McGann has been announced as a guest. And he’s doing photo ops. I am so there. I WANTS ANOTHER EIGHT SMUSH OMGEE!! XD ...anyone fancy joining me? I think Stacey and Kiera are "bus tripping" it with me, but the more of us there the merrier ;) ...also attending? DADDY CULLEN! OMG I AM DAZZLED ALREADY XD XD XD ahem.
In order not to spam ya'll completely I'ma leave it at that. I do have stuff to say about Torchwood (OMG PROMO PICS!?) and Supernatural (O BOYS! :O), and how much I fail at writing (SERIOUS WOE!) and other not very important stuff, which I'm sure you're all dying to hear about ::snork:: but I'll save it till ya'll have digested this bit of word vomit. heh.

mood: mischievousmischievous
Joulez217: Hug!Hugjoulez217 on May 6th, 2009 08:51 pm (UTC)
I honestly not bothered with dreamwidth thingy at the moment! I don't use LJ as much as I should do!

JB concert - Oh god how seriously organised am I for this trip? I have brought tickets (train) already, to travel down I should hopefully be arriving around 1/2 time!! I so can not wait, oh god it can be CF time like NOW!!

LFCC - Dunno if I can go, money/holidays! Plus kinda supersitious about doing an LFCC again, as that was kinda the last con I went to before I landed in hospital! But plus ya know it's London! Oh god the travelling is bad! :(

Campaspe: Wolf \\ Snugglecs_whitewolf on May 7th, 2009 06:11 pm (UTC)
Lol, it's nothing exciting tbh. Basically just like LJ. Like I say, I only got one for the newsletter so figured I'd invite you guys if you wanted one!

Dude, check you out being all ready like! heh. This weekend cannot come any faster omg.

ooo yeah, well if you do end up deciding to come with us- we'll protect you from all the bad luck. Seriously, I'll sacrafice a fanbrat just to make sure ;) ::snugs you::
Joulez217joulez217 on May 7th, 2009 06:30 pm (UTC)
Ah right I see, didn't realize you still did the newsletters!

I know I well pleased with my self! XD

Oh scarifice of a fanbrat would be helpful and of course there is alot of them!! I checked calandrr today at work and I put my name down for holiday that weekend!!! So money permitting I should be coming!!