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X-Over FanFic: Together in Silence (Lotr/PotC) | Toys (SPN/HP) | Of The Beholder (SPN/HP)

[Together in Silence | Crossover: LotR/PotC | Legolas/Will Turner | U-Rated | 197words | comment_fic prompt: We sat together in silence]

We sat together in silence, staring out across the never ending expanse of sea before us and watching as the sun began its slow decent into sunset. This moment, it was both the most heartening and most saddening of our times together. I feel him shift against my chest and tighten the hold I have about him. He settles for a heartbeat before shifting once more, twisting his head to look up at me. His eyes are the most expressive of browns and I find I need no words in order to interpret the want shining within them. I smile and lean in to press my lips to his own in a kiss that is both drawn-out and desperate as our time together approaches its end. Once the sun has set we will be forced to leave, him back to his world of men and piracy and me back to the Undying Lands of which I can never truly leave and he can never visit. I tighten my hold and deepen our kiss and pray that the sun stops in the sky and never sets again. It is a futile prayer. It is always a futile prayer.


[Toys | Crossover: Supernatural/Harry Potter | Castiel, Voldemort | U-Rated | 188words | comment_fic prompt: Do I dazzle you?]

The angel bleeds. He delights in the way the pale skin parts almost willingly beneath the scratch of his nails as he runs his fingertips in a series of seemingly random patterns across the creature's chest. The blood bubbles up in a stunning vibrancy, spilling over the shallow grooves to stain him red, and he is spellbound. He purrs at the sight and feels his hunger build as he watches the wounds heal themselves instantly. Fresh skin to replace the hurt and take all signs of distress away; he licks his lips, then licks at the chest and he moans again his delight. The angel turns his face from him and he grins,- teeth stained as red as his eyes,- as the angel lifts his eyes heavenwards and prays for his deliverance. He laughs then, reaching for the wings spread out behind him, and rejoicing in the way the angel screams just as prettily as he breathes. He is dazzled by the beauty in the pain and sends up a mocking prayer of thanks that he has been gifted with a toy even he will have trouble breaking.


[Of The Beholder | Crossover: Supernatural/Harry Potter | Dean, Luna | U-Rated | 258words | comment_fic prompt: you're as sane as I am]

"You're just as sane as I am," Luna Lovegood tells him with eyes that seem to look through him instead of at him and Dean can only start and blink and bark out a laugh of shock at the apparent seriousness of which this woman speaks her words.

He shifts, uncomfortably, and coughs to cover the laughter but she merely smiles at him as if it were expected.

"I'm sorry," he mutters, "but you'll understand if your words don't fill me with the greatest confidence?"

Her smile brightens and Dean starts again as her eyes suddenly seem to zero in on him. Her stare is intense and in her gaze he sees the truth of it all laid bare.

"Appearances can be deceiving, Dean Winchester," Luna says, flicking a lock of silvery hair over her shoulder. "You see what you are expected to see and react accordingly."

Her words are laced with a deeper meaning and he bites at his lip, nodding jerkily as she takes his hand and makes at reading his palm.

"You must learn to be just as underestimated," she continues, "if you expect to survive this war."

He looks at her, hesitant to understand. She cocks her head and lets her eyes glaze over, a dopey smile twisting at her mouth.

“You must be underestimated, Dean,” she repeats, leaning forward to whisper against his ear, “by both sides.”

And then, with a kiss to the cheek, she is gone; skipping away like a child at play and Dean is left sitting, staring after her.

Tags: challenge: comment_fic, character: [hp]: lord voldemort, character: [hp]: luna lovegood, character: [lotr]: legolas greenleaf, character: [potc]: william turner, character: [spn]: dean winchester, fanfic: crossover, fanfic: harry potter, fanfic: lord of the rings, fanfic: pirates of the caribbean, fanfic: supernatural, fic: rating: u, fic: wordcount: 100-500

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