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{ the earth dies screaming }

Nabbed fromacetamide: I challenge everyone who sees this to post a gorgeous picture of Jared or Jensen (or both!) in your LJ today.

UNGHFLAIL! I don't know whether it's possible or not,
but I think he gets even prettier the longer you stare!

Apparently I've been MIA for almost two weeks now. Wow. I can honestly say that they've more or less been the shittest two weeks of my life. But whatever. Thankfully I'm feeling way more positive about things at the moment, hence the reappearance. I hope I've been missed! XD ...and that I haven't missed anything major? I love you all terribly much. I don't know why I ever leave LJ, it's the only place that really keeps me sane and happy. <33 Will appear again at some point over the weekend with a proper update. Until then, please enjoy the pretty above!

Tags: actor: jensen ackles, misc: memage, mood: caspe does emo

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