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{ shag, marry, cliff }

Can I preface this by saying how goddamned hard it was to choose between these guys? I mean, these are like MY GUYS, people!! and omg mrs_cj_harkness  is a mistress of evil making me pick between them when all I really want to do is have a huge big fangasm with the three of them. Marriage optional.

- well, hello! this is Misha Collins we're talking about here. So maybe I'm not taking him home to meet mama, but I sure as hell am not throwing him off a cliff. HUBBAHUBBA! I mean, gawd, would you just take a look at that intense stare he's got going on there? If that's not enough to curl your toes then I don't know what is!


- Matt Rippy! Well, come on people, after The Hub3 how could I not want to marry this man? Omg he is adorable and funny and sexy and he doesn't mind wearing women's panties for a laugh. He rides a motorbike and wears leather and glasses and gives great hugs and knows how to have a good time and kisses boys on the tele and asdfghj really, what's not to love?

- O_o... OMG I'M SO SORRY JENSEN ACKLES! I STILL LOVE YOU AND WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABIES BUT I HAD NO CHOICE :(( ...not after meeting Matt and falling head-over-heels for Misha the moment I laid eyes on him. Forgive me? Please? Infact, how about we make "Cliff" an innuendo which means something super sexy and dirty because then, Jensen my love, YOU ARE CLIFFED! <33 yspls?

Anybody want to play?

Tags: [§] pretty men, [§] sex on legs, actor: jensen ackles, actor: matt rippy, actor: misha collins, misc: memage

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