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§ "Bilis Manger" [ confirmed as a guest for Collectormania Midlands ]. My darling jemzamia informed me of this at some crazy am hour this morning and after my initial moment of OMG SQUEE I came to the soul-destroying realisation that there is no actual way on earth I'm going to make that con and thus I'm going to miss meeting him. :(( I then proceeded to get very distressed because, omg, this is BILIS MANGER, guys! And you all know about my inappropriate love for the character and meeting Murray Melvin would totally have made my life. WOE!

§ James Masters has been [ announced as a guest for Hallowhedon ]. Not that I'm attending this event, but the super exciting thing about it is the fact that it's the weekend after The Hub3. Now, it's not really a long shot to think that with the two events being so damn close together that Showmasters will try to get him for The Hub3. Plus it's already rumoured that he'll be there anyway. Just thought it was something to note ;)

§ Robin Hood: apparently starts tonight. They sure kept that one quiet. O_o... or else I've just been way too into Supernatural/Torchwood to notice its pimpage. Huh. It'll be interesting to see where they're taking things this series!

§ On Writing: I've been drabbling a fair bit recently, nothing super exciting and only a couple of them noteworthy pieces, but I feel I must mention just how much I'm missing my Torchwood fandom :(( I did one TW-centric piece for comment_fic and goddammit but I miss my boys and want to play with them but it's like I can't remember how to. Fail, Caspe. Fail.

§ On Writing: tardis_bigbang, which of my flisters are signed up for this one again, btw? Just for curiosity's sake. Also, I think I'm going with my "Camping AU" idea, as once I'd tallied all the votes up, all three options seemed pretty evenly tied and I think this ones the one I'll make more of a timely attempt at XD
How is everyone else this wonderfully bright and sunny Saturday evening? <33
Tags: actor: james marsters, actor: murray melvin, challenge: tardis_bigbang, character: [tw]: bilis manger, fandom: robin hood, fandom: torchwood

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