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X-Over: SPN/TW: An Almost Perfect Solution [Girl!Sam/Girl!Ianto]

[An Almost Perfect Solution | Crossover: Supernatural/Torchwood | Girl!Sam/Girl!Ianto | U-Rated | 413words | for absinthfairy88 who prompted: "Girl!Sam/Girl!Ianto"]
a/n: I confused myself wondering whether to tag this as slash or femslash or whether to add some sort of genderswitch tag which merges the both. In the end I decided the debate was just not worth the effort and went with slash. XD There are also allusions to the TW novel "Almost Perfect". You don't need to know anything about that, (other than Ianto was once a girl ;D), or Torchwood, or Supernatural, in order to read this. Um, so, enjoy?

“If it's any consolation,” Ianto Jones says as he pulls his belt more tightly around a suddenly trimmer waist, “it won't be forever.”

Sam Winchester turned the full force of his current glare on Ianto who shrugged and started fiddling with the coffee machine in the motel room.

“And how the hell would you know that?” Sam hissed through clenched teeth. Despite his hostility, Ianto could read the fear in his eyes as he hugged his arms awkwardly across his chest.

“It's happened to me before,” Ianto answered, pouring out two cups of coffee once the kettle had finished boiling.

Sam's face was a mixture of horror and curiosity. Ianto smiled wanly.

“It wasn't the most pleasant experience first time round either,” Ianto continued, handing over a mug to Sam who took it without question.

“How… how long did it last?” Sam asked, moving to sit on the bed; his mug cupped in his hands. Ianto sat beside him and slung an arm about Sam's slender shoulders.

“Long enough,” Ianto replied, dryly. Sam turned his head to look at him.

“How did you cope?” He asked.

“Not very well,” Ianto answered, and then he laughed, “That said, there was one upside to the whole sorry matter…” he lifted his coffee to his lips, his eyes a mischievous glint as he watched Sam carefully.

“Yeah?” Sam's gave him the same puppy-dog eyes Ianto's seen him use on his brother on more than one occasion and he smiled.

“Well…” Ianto began, leaning slowly forward. Sam remained still as a statue beside him, his eyes flickering over Ianto's face as he paused just inches away, “Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like?”

Sam wet his lips, frowning slightly. “Wondered what what would be like?” He asked, a sudden husk to his voice. Ianto smiled at Sam's sudden coyness and moved in, his lips pressing softly to the gasp of Sam’s mouth. Sam didn’t pull away. Ianto kissed him gently, just lips and the faintest lick of tongue before pulling back with heavy-lidded eyes.

“What it would be like as a woman?” Ianto breathed, “To feel it how they do? To feel it multiple times?”

Sam’s face flushed with his understanding. “I… yes,” he whispered, his words tingling at Ianto’s lips. “Yes,” he repeated and Ianto’s smile turned to a smirk as he plucked Sam’s untouched coffee mug from his fingers and placed both their cups on the side table.

“Good,” Ianto purred, “now strip.”

Tags: [&]: [m/f]: ianto jones/sam winchester, character: [spn]: sam winchester, character: [tw]: ianto jones, fanfic: crossover, fanfic: crossover: spn/tw, fanfic: supernatural, fanfic: torchwood, fic: rating: u, fic: wordcount: 100-500

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