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§ Supernatural: 4.10 - Heaven And Hell; Deleted Scene ft. Castiel & Uriel: sort of makes you wonder why they bother cutting these bits out. I mean, how awesome is Castiel in denying Uriel everything he wants?! XD bless him. And it totally explains why Ruby is still alive and kicking so to speak. I've always wondered why the angels hadn't yet seen fit to use their mojo on her when they despise demons so much! ...wonder how long that'll last after recent episodes though ;)

§ Supernatural: Misha Collins Interview:

...somebody,- please dear god!- has to write me sick!Misha with Jensen taking care of him. Don't make me use the wolfy eyes on you guys! ...Also, bonus points if you manage to include the "uncontrollable giggle hour" in said sick!Misha fic ;)

§ On Writing: guys, I'm itching to write today and nothing I seem to be trying is working. So if you're all game would you guys mind dropping me a comment with a pairing/prompt and I'll see if I can get some stuff churned out? I'm not looking to be challenged so much as inspired so go easy on those prompts ;)

If you're prompting I'm mostly itching for Supernatural, though I'll take Torchwood too as I know most of you guys are in the latter more than the former. Pretty please play along?
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