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The Hub2 : Sunday




Sunday; 15th March '09:
Georgie and I got up after only a couple hours sleep to stand in line and book out tickets for The Hub3. People had apparently been queing since 4am and someone actually slept there the night before to ensure their place. We wished we'd thought of that since we never went to bed till 4am anyway and we probably didn't even need those couple hours of sleep we actually managed to snap! XD still, Gold 67 and 68 isn't too bad at all!

Other than booking up for The Hub3, the highlight for Sunday morning just has to be my finally getting to meet Phil Ford again! As mentioned in my report of the Friday/Saturday, I was really nervous about meeting this guy again and totally worrying that he wouldn't know who I was and I'd end up making a fool of myself. By the time Georgie and I got to the front of the autograph queue I'd pretty much convinced myself to say nothing at all and just get my my "Skypoint" novel signed. But somebody up there must love me because Phil took one look at the post-it with my name on it before looking up at me with this "I know you!" expression before saying, "Carmen?!" and I was all like "XD yeah!" and it was awesome that he remembered me/my name and I got all gushy and thanked him very much for using it and he proceeded to sign my book with "Hurrha for page 31!" for which, again, I am insanely flaily about.

I was so nervous to be meeting him again but it went wonderfully well and have I mentioned I love him? X) ...apparently though he'd been expecting me as some of my girlies had already met him and told him I was there. heh. Have I mentioned how much I love you guys?! ...later on Stacey asked him what actually became of Carmen in the novel and apparently she's either still lying on that bed XD or she was the monster, heh. ...I also got asked to sign a copy of the novel by someone I'd met the day before, haha, guys I've signed my first book! and I didn't even have to write it! XD AWESOME WEEKEND IS AWESOME OMG.</font>

.Gareth David-Lloyd and Burn Gorman Panel:

(( Gareth David-Lloyd & Burn Gorman ))

  • Omg guys, how awesome is Burn Gorman?! I'd heard he was, well not very "fan friendly", but this was so not the case. He was so welcoming and "up for it" during his panel with Gareth. And even during the photoshoots (I was one of the first in his queue) he was well keen on giving out hugs and he just smushes you right up close and omg, I am converted to the Burn Gorman love XD
  • Burn says Owen is alive and currently living in the sewars XD ...King of the Weevils and all that, ya. haha.
  • Burn and Gareth kept doing this really cute "high-five" thing where they deliberately miss each other's hands.

    .Matt Rippy and Rodrick Culver Panel:

    (( Matt Rippy & Rodrick Culver ))
    • Matt Rippy said during one of his autograph sessions "apparently I look very fetching in woman's panties".
    • In his panel with Rodrick he tried to backtrack by saying that he doesn't wear woman's panties! Oh no, but he does keep them in his pocket!
    • He opened his pants to proove he was wearing boxers. UNGH.
    • Rodrick, darling grumps that he was, chewed gum throughout the whole panel. loudly.

      .The Sunday Sketch; Randy!
      Alas I have no pictures for the Kai Owen and Tom Price panel as I was using Shaz's camera to snap pics but I would like to say how very ace they were together! They're so bouncy and full of energy and fun and so friggen hilarious XD They did the expected sketch together after their panel which was called "RANDY" and written by Phil Ford (who mentioned he didn't realise we'd be told it was him who wrote it! XD). 

      • Tom PC Andy kept humming the Batman themetune for them "dunnna, dunnna... RANDY!"
      • They debated the wisdom of calling out "We're Randy!" to their suspects.
      • They had cock-shaped dildo's for guns.
      • Rhys swears they're guns. Gwen told him so after he found them in her underwear drawer.
      • PC Andy is unconvinced. And questions why his is the smaller one.
      • Gareth Ianto made a random appearance at the end. I think he was supposed to be the alien they were after. But like I say, random!
      • The sketch ended pretty abruptly, I wasn't actually aware they'd finished until they started jumping off the stage and running away O_O...
      • Ianto did almost get bummed by Rhy's dildo gun.
      • There was no promised PC Andy/Rhys snoggage. Alas!

      .The Final Panel:
      Yes well, again I have no pictures of this panel, but not because I was using someone elses camera, but because I ended up on stage with the guests. Oh yeah, baby. You know that girl who won Kai's bidding to sit on Burn's seat for the final panel and answer the questions with them? That girl you all hate because you're all secretly jealous it wasn't you up there? Oh yeah, that was me XD and omg I WAS FRIGGEN TERRIFIED UP THERE! XD haha

      I have no idea what on earth possessed me to bid. I don't think I actually meant to shout out the winning bid either but before I even knew what was happening the words were out of my mouth and Kia was proclaiming me winner and I was stumbling my way numb-legged up onto the stage, helped along by Kai and then Matt to my new seat. and omg, TERRIFIED PEOPLE. I honestly couldn't stop shaking for a good while after I got up there, hehe, but omg I wouldn't change the fact I was up there at all for the world! Because omg, once I stopped shaking and started enjoying myself, I actually loved every single minute of it.

      I loved that Kai kept letting me answer questions even if my first couple of answers were lame. Although I do think my answers on how to expose/kill Jack Harkness (put him in a room with the TW team and set up 24hr survellance and let them shag him to death) and my three wishes (to be a writer, for Torchwood: The Musical to happen, and for an X-Rated version/epiosde to go ahead) were my defining moments, haha. Gareth's face for both of those answers was just priceless XD

      I love that Matt Rippy kept leaning over to whisper in my ear because he forgot the questions and wanted me to tell him what they were. <33
      I love that I got to whisper in Matt's ear in return when I forgot the questions XD

      I love that during the tattoo/piercing question, Gareth knew that my wrist tattoo was written in Elvish without my having to say so first X) ...
      I love how he also told everyone the tattoo on my ankle is "ankle in Elvish" instead of the gecko it actually is.

      I love how he owns the Lord of the Rings trilogy boxset like I do.

      I love how I managed to get a mention of Bilis Manger into one of my answers. And how Gareth stated that Melvin Murry sure knew how to boogie, heh.

      I love that at the end of it I got a kiss and hug from Matt, heh. I think that part made my life.

      I love being a fangirl and having insane moments where I think doing stuff like this is a good idea.


      (...and if anyone has pictures of the final panel I'd really love to get my hands on them! I want to remember this moment forever!)

      So yeah. The Hub2? MADE OF WIN. And I just know that The Hub3 is going to be even better, even though nothing is going to top the fact that I was up on stage XD ever. Thanks to my girlies for helping to make this weekend so wonderful and to all the new friends I've made thanks to the convention, hello and welcome to the madness! ;) I hope you enjoy your stay.

      Now. Who's coming to The Hub 3?!

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