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The Hub2 : Friday // Saturday


(( L-R: Roderic Culver, Tom Price, Eve Myles, Burn Gorman, Kai Owen, Gareth David-Lloyd, Siobhan Hewlett, Matt Rippy, Phil Ford ))

The Hub2, where does one begin, really? The words "awesome" and "amazing" seem like understatements when used in relation to something like this. I mean the fact that it's a Torchwood convention automatically makes it epic amounts of win.

That the guests, whether old hands or brand spanking ;) new and shiny at this sort of thing, go out of their way to fanservice us all is just made of love. We just couldn't ask for a better fandom, for better actors, for better fans- because I've heard it said so many times that it is because of our awesomeness that these guys can be so relaxed and "themselves" around us, that they can hang out with us and even wear womens underwear around us (...oh yes, you definitely read that part right, have I mentioned just how much I love my fandom? ;D) and just be so genuinly awesome! 

Okay, okay, I'll stop with my fangirl gushing and get onto an actual report, shall I? I'm sure ya'll have already read every report going so far and I can't promise I'll have anything new to share, but well, read it anyway! ;)

.Friday; 13th March '09:
So, Friday for me started the morning after the night before ::wink wink:: Stacey ( galaxy_song) and I didn't get back to her bit till the wee hours of Friday morning after having been out in the town the 'night before' with Terrence Zdunich and Darren Lynn Bousman from the Repo! UK Tour (asdfghj such an awesome evening (pics)!). After a sporadic night of rest we were up again and off to Glasgow airport to meet Claire and start our weekend of epic squee!

((...on a side note, not that it'll mean anything to anyone not from Scotland, but Glasgow Airport have changed the layout of their domestic departures section, so now they actually have a duty-free area you can buy stuff in, which means... I COULD ACTUALLY BUY DIET IRN-BRU TO TAKE WITH ME TO ENGLAND ASDFGHJK. Guys, really, you're not appreciating the sheer awesomeness of this. I had IRN-BRU. IN ENGLAND. THIS IS GOOD!11!!elevntyone!!))

We arrived in London-Luton around 10am, and because National Express sucks didn't manage to get into Northampton till just after 12pm. Still, chinese for breakfast gives the airport some bonus points (YAM YAM!)! Got to Northampton, got checked in, got our event packs (Gold 009, bb!) and met with my girlies Georgie ( indiefairy), Bexy ( _stolendreams_),Shaz ( dancy_dreamer), Denise ( conjunkie, Julie (( joulez217) and her sis Amanda), Jemz ( jemzamia), Charli ( mrs_cj_harkness) and Dawn ( prawn658)! ...have I left anyone off? :S

.The Opening Ceremony; was pretty short and sweet with GDL and Kai being the only guests to have shown up by the time things got started. Still, they were very awesome and Kai made sure to wish us all a "Happy New Year!" shortly after seating himself XD they ripped the piss out of the English for something (probably rugby ;D but it could have been football) and Gareth mentioned that he'd been in LA for around two months and that it was "rubbish", he jokes of course, as later on he mentioned going back there to try auditioning for some of the pilots due to start there. 

Now, I'm not sure if John Barrowman's speech was during the Opening Ceremony or at the start of the Saturday Panel? I'm thinking the latter, but whatever... if anyone wants, I have a transcription of the whole thing. Basically he was welcoming us to The Hub2 and letting us know there'd be lots of fun. The highlight had to be him saying that "the Torchwood sessions where we talk and sit on stage are always the sauciest" ;D b'wahahahaha.


(( The Opening Ceremony w/Gareth David-Lloyd & Kai Owen ))

.The Drinks Reception; was... interesting, for lack of a better word. I was there with Georgie and because we were just the two of us and didn't know anyone else we weren't standing as part of a group or anything so didn't actually get to meet any of the guests there (GDL and Kai Owen) as the aids walking with them were taking them around the larger groups.

I know you're supposed to say to one of the crew if you don't get to meet the guests but Georgie and I agreed we'd feel like right arses telling someone, getting the guests over to us, and then having nothing to say but "er...hi" so yeah, fail on that front. Gareth almost came over to us at one point though, and he did infact take my hand and say "Hey, nice to see you again," but before either of us could respond he was promptly pulled away by his aid and taken to a group of five just beside us. So again, we weren't all that impressed with the Drinks Reception. And quite a bit miffed that we were blatantly ignored by the aid towards the end there with GDL. Still, we rallied round and had a kick ass time with the free booze and the "Victorian" themed party afterwards!

.Saturday; 14th March '09:

(( Eve Myles & Kai Owen; Eve tries to steal her chair! ))
  • Kai broke his chair. This was clearly the highlight of the whole panel for me as I cannot recall anything else about it. Other than, of course, how cute Eve and Kai are together, and how much I adore them and wish they'd be at every convention together XD

(( Gareth David-Lloyd & Matt Rippy ))

The GDL and Matt Rippy panel I think was the moment everyone who wasn't already inlove with Matt Rippy, fell inlove with him. If it wasn't enough he played the real Captain Jack Harkness and turned up to the hotel the night before wearing leather pants and glasses (asdfghjk he rides a motorbike people! UNGH), then his sheer awesomeness and ability to keep up with Gareth and his determination to cross "The Barrowman Line" just sold him to us all one hundered percent. (The fact that he zoomed right past said "Barrowman Line" with his "Rippy Ripple" as I hear it's being called, make him a bazillion times more amazing!) I don't know anyone with a bad word to say about the man and it's really not hard to see why. He is just so natural and charming and will do "anything to get more fans" (as overheard later that night during a particularly exciting moment involving Matt Rippy and a pair of panties...).

There was a shit-load of innuendo and blatant flirting going on between these two boys during their panel, and though I know it was probably just to tease please us fans, at the very end of it as they were preparing to leave the stage, Gareth reached for Matt and kissed him before sauntering off stage. Matt then gave this huge assed grin and reached out for him in a "what?! you can't stop now!" gesture before doing a wee mad victory dance and chasing after Gareth wherein he proceeded to glomp him upon reaching him. BEST HUB2 MOMENT FTW. Closely followed by Matt Rippy wearing womens panies of course ;) ...I know, I know, I keep mentioning THAT but well, I'm sure ya'll can understand why! XD ...and if you've no idea what it's all about- SHAME ON YOU!- where have you been!?

(( Gareth snogs Matt and leaves him wanting more! ))


(( Siobhan Hewlett & Tom Price ))
  • Tom Price is made of win. That is all.
  • Tom's hair is alive, I've decided.
  • Siobhan is scarily talented, and claimed to have beated Kiera Knightly to a film role!

(( the final Satuday Panel ))
  • The guys all came on stage and made to pull their pants down. Gareth actually succeeded XD
  • Again there was alot of flirting between Matt and Gareth, and they kept touching each other at every opportunity <33
  • Gareth put his hand on Matt's thigh ::happy sigh::
  • Eve told Matt she loved him and please would he just keep talking. We approved!
  • Kai kept yelling at Paul for questions. This was hilarious.
  • More obviously happened but, well, I'm shallow and the GDL/Matt Rippy is all I can remember. heh.

    .The Carnival Party; was ace. I only lasted about an hour in my shoes before changing into my converse, but they actually seemed to match my outfit so all was well! We didn't spend much time in the dance hall, despite the photographer's best attempts to get us to XD instead we camped out in the second bar drinking and playing pool and amusing outselves with how popular the bar became depending on who was currently in it.

    • During one of the "empty" sessions, Phil Ford came in and I got suddenly very nervous because omg I love this man and [ he used my name in "Skypoint" ] and I was just gearing myself up to go and talk to him and thank him when all of a sudden he got surrounded by about ten fangirls and I lost all nerve :(( damn. Thankfully I did get to chat to him on the Sunday during the autograph session though... :D
    • Matt Rippy swapped his underwear for a pair of leopard skin panties! this getting old yet? XD
    • Matt SHOWED us that he was wearing said pair of leopard skin panties XD will never get old!
    • He also gave out bear hugs to Georgie (you lucky hor! she got something extra too ;D), Shaz and Bexy <33
    • Kai sang Happy Birthday to Georgie and she got a hug off him too!

      Saturday at The Hub2 was MADE OF EPIC AMOUNTS OF WIN! <33 But the Sunday? PWNED EVERY IN EXISTANCE DAY TO PIECES! ;D ...more on the Sunday (here)!

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