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Why yes, I am infact alive! Not that you'd have known it what with my being all MIA since returning from The Hub2 (report coming this weekend along with pics and what-not). The main reason for my lack of blogging has to be the fact that pretty much as soon as we touched down in Glasgow I ended up catching a cold which, when I wasn't dragging my arse through another day at work, left me so knackered I've been in bed for around 9pm every night this week. UGH. I hate wasting away my days like that. But well, these things can't be helped. I've like bookmarked half of my flist so that once this weekend rolls around and I have a chance to just lie in bed for a day and recuperate, I can also play catch up on all your posts and shizzle. I know there's been loads of Hub chat that I haven't even looked at yet- WOE- can ya'll believe it's over already!? Fail. Still I think we're all heading to The Hub3 in October :D so YAY for that!

Hub chat aside though, my main point in jumping on this evening is to say that I went out to the pics tonight to see that "Lesbian Vampire Killers". Yes, you may laugh, but it was actually rather good. What made it a bazzilion times better however was the UNEXPECTED PAUL MCGANN!!! XD oh yeah, baby. Unexpected Paul McGann DRESSED AS A PRIEST!! SPORTING A TASH!!! SWEARING LIKE A SAILOR BUT IN A REALLY SEXY POSH ACCENT!!!! Flail with me here people. This is exciting. Seriously. I think everyone should go and see it just for him.

The power of Caspe compells you.

That is all.

Tags: actor: paul mcgann, event: the hub2, mood: squee!, movie: lesbian vampire killers

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